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The bullets that night believes that there were up to thirteen bullets that were fired ninety eight out of the revolver that sirhan john but remember george that rafer johnson olympic he catholic for famous guy doing acting at the time wrestle sirhan sirhan handed the ground that night and held his hand held the got the gun loose and held him down until the police could apprehend him they all witnessed several numerous people witnessed i witness reports have him just charging eight bullets into bobby kennedy so it's not like the jfk assassination we're nobody saw oswald pull the trigger and it was just wild speculation coming from all sides and what sirhan sirhan testimony you know bobby bobby kennedy junior robert kennedy jr i interviewed him back in december and was told by here hand seventy four years of age probably schizophrenic that he didn't murder his father he doesn't remember it anyway more at this point know he has no recollection but he was he was identified by by prosecute by psychiatrists independent psychiatrist at the time of the murder as schizophrenic so i don't think he's a very credible witness now i trump is concerned and there's new summit i think the important thing to take from this is this is extremely bad news to some people george how come from it it's catastrophic news for the democratic party heading into the midterm elections if trump gets a successful beginning of a potential peace treaty with north korea it completely up ends the molar investigation really diverts attention he probably wins the nobel pri peace prize along with kim jong un right if they can develop a piece and so if you really look at the negative classes coming from all quarters over the summit talking about oh he's not really getting denuclearization is reversed his position you know he's changed its tune now i think what it shows is the democratic party being and the and the media that back sam which is just about everyone except for fox news that this is very threatening to their plan to take over the house and senate in november.

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