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WanNa see Venus's Maradonna. Do you. WanNa know what his which is peanuts like Tom? I feel like I already. Do but yeah. I'd much rather not have been pixeleted. K.. Up a birthday present, for Tom. A commission going shirtless the naked down pain. Guys just give it to me straight. What's your opinion on Toilet John? four MS never. There's never a shortage of good poop joke. Good, Fart joke, you know. Put it in the right situation. And if it's funny, it's funny. How about you Mike Simple and it gets the job done tall. My position on toilet humor is. It can be funny, and it can be effective when it's used tactfully and I know talking about like fart jokes in a matter of taste is dicey territory, and maybe the reason why I'm stuck on the pixelated penis, so much is because with the penis they go right up to the line, and then they don't cross. But with the toilet jokes they go up to the line, and then continuously jumped back and forth between it with no issue whatsoever, there are fully evolved toilet jokes in this book that aren't just you know like a themed toilet humor, its littoral toilet humor there are at least two major toilet props in the comic that I can think of as book does not shy away from showing you that everything it is about is about toilets toilet paper, an act of going to. Look at shirtless sitting in the prison room. At role teepee behind him literal giant rolls of toilet paper I, mean at a certain point. Toilets and toilet paper become the supporting star of this comic. That is the enemy at the end for sure like that is like almost like power rangers style like. Yes! Fighting Literal Toilet Zoo doctor wyle toilet contraption. Think it. Works is because just as much as this comic book is a parody of various action, movies and action tropes. It's equally a parody of toilet humor like I think in toilet humor. Implication is usually key, and you don't often put a literal toilet front and center, and they knew pretty routinely rate like successfully I. Guess a lot of the jokes about the toilet felt a little forced to me, but things the Golden. Toilet I think drove home, but the absurdity end the douchebag of the series central villain. was there a specific point? Man I. Guess There's actually only one point that's why. I was GONNA. Ask if there's a specific point like that was the most comfortable or awkward I guess there could be a few that can be awkward for people with the dog flopping around all over the place, but really I guess there's only one real right answer in this for the most off-putting panel where they went as hard as they could have. Do you guys feel the same panel for you that it was for me? Panel. Was it for you definitely after he ate the enchanted Bacon? I think I'm looking at pages. IS THEIR FONDLING INVOLVED YEAH! He's asked him butter Mohawk teats. Patriot now. Know that went full on that page I actually screen shot at that page and saved it. Of course..

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