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Absolutely. Absolutely. And then we've got we didn't get to this yesterday. Pat Connaughton received an extension as well. With Milwaukee Bucks. Yeah. So that's no problem with that. He's an underrated rebounder. He's got the ability to shoot the three for you and everything. Yeah, you can plug them into the starting lineup when need be if you need them off the bench, he can do that. He can pretty much do whatever you need him to do. He's one of the rare players who loses almost nothing efficiency wise, starting or coming off the bench. She's basically the same guy no matter what, which is, which is good, because he's good. You know, that can be bad if the player stings, obviously, but he's a pretty good there. So yeah. And I will say on a personal note, when I was in Vegas for summer league, I hosted two events for kids that included pat Connaughton Dorian Finney Smith was involved one day demar Derozan was involved as well. And seeing the way pat worked with those kids and getting to chat with him for a bit, you know, about kind of just the way he approaches things. He was absolutely incredible. He was just in his element, working with all these kids, just having so much fun with them, coaching them up. I will forever be a pat Connor and fan now seeing the way that he was around those kids and really not just showing up to smile and wave or anything like that. But getting out there playing with the kids, working with them and really going out of his way to make to make the day for those kids. Do you know why, why, why? He's such a good guy. I have a feeling, you're going to tell me why. Because he's from Massachusetts. So we had someone say, start breaking these long pod shows in a ten minute clips. We have eclipse channel, Trevor. We do. We do. We've got our clips channel that is set up. I'll put there is a link in the description of our last video that was posted to our YouTube channel. I'll put that one over here as well. And that one is in a super chat. So start breaking these long shows into ten minute clips. You're leaving a lot of money on the table. Look, we have our clips channel that's set up. And yeah, it's definitely go check it out and go subscribe. I'll see if I can find the link in just a second here. Someone asked the hornets over officially pull the off or she wasn't an offer she did this qualifying offer for miles bridges. They did not, there's a couple of ways to think through that. I think one of the thoughts around why they wouldn't pull that qualifying offer is leaving him restricted, makes it less likely another team will swoop in and sign him.

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