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As far as our weather Volusia Brevard and Seminole counties so the real big winners of rain right now be careful on the roads they are what we already have an accident on seventeen ninety two at Torrey says that in just a minute nine thirty here our top story phase two for Florida's re opening begins tomorrow people go enjoy having drinks finding parts bars movie theaters and bowling alleys are coming back governor Disentis made the announcement today at universal one big change as you'll now be able to go out and have a drink at a bar people go enjoy have a drink that's fine we wanna kind of not have huge crowds piling in he said the bars and pubs can be opened at fifty percent capacity inside and a full capacity outside movie theaters a bowling alleys can also open at fifty percent capacity and retail stores and gyms can now open at a hundred percent Broward Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties will be a little bit behind us and they won't be entering phase two just yet Randy Hastings news ninety six point five W. DB I mean are you gonna go to a bar tomorrow or sometime soon you get to keep drinking at home use the open Mike feature in our app if you don't drink booze maybe sit this one out news ninety six point five W. DPO Orlando turns first for severe weather on channel nine Eyewitness News meteorologist Brian shields low eighties for today coming up we're tracking that very high chance of rain over the next several days all right I'm Jeanne lexer the heavier stuff I'm seeing is by Titusville Cape Canaveral and actually a small cell right by Oakland actually winter garden area another day today one point nine million Americans file first time claims in the last week over the past eleven weeks forty two point six million first time jobless claims just an astonishing number that's more than twenty six percent of the labor market has filed.

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