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Laps left here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Up ahead. The lap power of Matt Benedetto Joyce, it's right in Joey Jonah. What's he goes to the bottom of the racetrack? Yes. He will Brad Keselowski. We'll try to find a draft from we're on the bottom. Still trying to get around joy is is race later. Joy stays out towards the longer race track. Mcdonagh's? Now gotta make a decision. This has gotta give Kazlauskiene tested it up. The race track. Doubt about seven linked Joanna Gano had to make it three wide there that let's kiss last keep closed down the circuit as we've only got two more laps three miles left here in Las Vegas reprising. How joy gave the leader no racing room there. Joey momentarily had a role. About half say right in front of he pulls way out of the way it later. He doesn't want anything to do with a bit to this thing. But Lasky cuts it down four Carling's. They're both right up to wall that don't look now how about compass group. Well, they'll be looking at the white flag when they come back to the line this time, it's Joey Logano by six links over Brad Laskey lap. Traffic shouldn't be a factor. Joey Madonna almost four hundred laps in the book. They'll go to the low side trying to find something Brad Keselowski all the way to the top of it ain't over until it's over llegado. Got a hold on. He's got a mirror Laskey. Straightaway. Garlic. He's going to challenge for the lead. All four Joey Logano.

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