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Broadcasting from the forest and cottage Lake Washington. Just outside of Seattle on my russian-made MK 219 microphone off. This is broadcast. Number one point nine upon parlor Twitter Facebook. You know, whatever. Your poison is Brian your bro, and at the Republic. Com website for the social media connections and more and we will treat today like every other day and begin the broadcast by thanking God for good health and the ability to be your sharing with you and me. Thank you for joining this morning. Thanks for your time and attention hopefully things are working to stream is going out people can hear me and I guess we'll find out with each of these jobs. iterations as we go so You know, I've been on this thing talking a little bit the last few days about why a Christian person can't or maybe shouldn't consider voting for The Democratic caucus it and of course, that's probably not been popular and that's cool. I'm good with that. But you know, here we are now and there's going to be one more song episode of that and that'll probably be Monday and we are going to talk about the pro-life issue and how it impacts a whole bunch of other issues and why am I being a pro-life person is not a single-issue position and we'll talk about that on Monday and some of the arguments also against voting Republican over that issue and explore some of those and there are people who make some arguments David French among them along those lines. So but today we're going to shift gears a little bit because I Had covered quite in-depth last like two months ago the Biden Ukraine stuff and I've laid off a little bit off because it just hasn't been in the news with all of the other stuff that's been going on but it's back in the news with the release of the Senate report yesterday, one of the Senate reports yesterday. And you know, I played yesterday on yesterday's broadcast at the end of broadcast a reporter asked Joe Biden about this and Jo as we've learned now with Joe has a temper and he you know expressed that repeatedly we've seen him with the dog face pony soldier thing and and telling the auto worker, you know, you're full of it. I'm offering to fight people over and over Joe's always the guy who's going to you know, he does ball up his fists, you know, he kind of does that you know, hey, do you want to go a few rounds kind of thing and dead? Yesterday, I guess maybe day before somebody asked him about this Senate report and about his son and Joe doesn't take a lot of questions and he definitely doesn't take a lot of questions off that are shouted at him from reporters to begin with but this one came up and here was Jose response. Sons job in Ukraine how is that not a conflict of interest there's not a conflict of interest there's been no indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else. I'm not going to I'm not respond to that page. Let's focus on the problem focus on this made focus on this man focus on this man now, I want to a little aside here and I played off last week some stuff about the color revolutions, right and about this idea of had a Cory Aquino there from the Philippines saying I can offer nothing but hope and one of the wrong kind of striking features of the color revolutions is that they focus on the person they focus on she was focused on battling are not Maryland area go Marcos Ferdinand Marcos there and they're always focused on a personality and it's very interesting that shows, you know, making that very same argument now the impeachment if we recall was about the idea that the wage President had been involved in a quid pro quo was the concern right that the president had made a phone call to Vladimir zelinski the president of Ukraine and had asked him to do something untoward and that is to investigate the bidens. Okay, well fair enough and if it was untoward, I guess that would be a problem. But if the bidens were off, maybe it wouldn't be such a problem. So Dick Morris and if I don't remember who Dick Morris is Dick Morris is he was a an advisor to the clintons. He was a strategist in the White House who helped them put them all together their dick Morris weighed in on what he thought the impeachment was sending committee report just released makes clear that the impeachment proceedings the whole hoax was basically designed as a cover for Hunter vitamins thievery Wow, so the entire impeachment hoax was designed as a cover for a hundred bucks and savory. So in other words Trump started asking questions over in Ukraine that Trump wasn't supposed to ask no one is supposed to ask us Trump wasn't supposed to win and to make sure that investigation didn't move forward. They created the impeachment thing and made the ukrainians in a position where they were like hands off on us politics. We know anything to do with this stuff. We're just going to stay away from it and turns out not to have been the best decision on the part of the Democrats. It looks like the impeachment obviously didn't work. And so now we have Senate investigations and a whole bunch of people have weighed in on this and so these aren't any particular order here is Doug Collins now Senator Johnson who is running the committee and we're going to hear from Senator Johnson a little later in the show, but Senator are dead. Senator Congressman Collins ended up on Fox Business and was responding to Senator Johnson saying that because of this whole thing Biden's unfit for office wage. Here's Doug Collins. We never hear Senator. Ron Johnson talk like this his chair of Homeland Security in the Senate. He said that the basically what he's finding and seeing will show that Joe Biden is unfit to be president. What are you hearing? That would have Senator Johnson say a big bombshell like that. I think the same thing that we've been hearing list for the last year-and-a-half when we started seeing what I mean, if you watch the videos of the last president self as he actually, you know, we had this all controversy of quid pro quo. We actually know that the Joe actually did that he actually demanded stuff for this prosecutors firing. He actually said if you don't get it, you're not get the money we again, we've went through this a lot of this and so I'm glad the senator using subpoena power and using everything else. He has at his disposal. The majority in the Senate is now coming forward. We're glad to get this out and report. It is something wrong. All over to you and something long that many of us have seen from day one as it began to come out and I do believe that Joe Biden is unfit to be president. I believe that Joe Biden has many reasons to be unfit for president. But this right here is something that corruption comes out of this. I believe this report is going to show in the bombshell. The center Johnson is talking about is the simple fact that America is seeing that not only is he not fit to be president. He doesn't need to be close to being considered to be president..

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