Boston, Carbon Capture, Richmond discussed on PBS NewsHour - Could carbon capturing make clean coal a reality?


In richmond texas i miles o'brien for the pbs newshour and as miles us said costs are just one of the questions about whether this model could be replicated more widely and mild joins me now from boston so miles tell us more about why as and this is the first plant of its kind what are the challenges in trying to replicate this somewhere else and getting the same result well judy the secret sauce of this one according to the innovators behind it is they reduced the cost of creating the carbon capture when i say cost the cost in power normally what the the assumption is that it it reduces the output of any given power plant by as much as thirty percent in order to run the carbon capture system what they did this case was they decided not to use the actual turbines which light the lights that i'm using right now but rather a separate cogeneration plant a smaller plant on site they can be run much more efficiently and they say that they it's costing them about fifteen percent of the power generating capacity of that plan so that's a big hurdle that they've gotten over fifteen percent is still a big number and unless you have some commodity are or a the co two has some value the business model doesn't add up just yet and you were telling us miles there are also some physical challenges as well well being eighty miles near an old oilfield that could use that co two capture and recover a lot of stubborn oil from the ground makes it all work the question is could a fossil fuel plan of any kind that's a long way away from an oilfield could it avail itself of this kind of transaction.

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