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The WB SMS on WBZ dot com. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg. President Trump is given a group of supporters a preview of his state of the union address. One topic he'll cover not surprisingly is the border wall. Here's White House director of strategic communications Mercedes slap. We're talking about border security, we're giving congress one more shot at fixing this problem, providing the resources that are men and women need just hours before the speech. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer gave the president this advice on border security. Stay out of it. Let the slept the Senate and house work their way, and we can succeed. He went on to call the president a warm up act for the former gubernatorial candidate from Georgia Stacey Abrams who's delivering the democratic response. High profile opportunity for someone who just lost in the midterms. But she is known as a fierce advocate for voting rights, and many Democrats are encouraging her to run again possibly even for Senate. ABC's Mary, Bruce, the White House also has addressed the subpoenas sent to the president's inaugural committee. Asking for information on donors and says it has nothing to do with the White House prosekey. In New York. Want more information on the more than one hundred million dollars in donations made to the inauguration fund eastern Virginia medical school has hired a law firm to conduct an investigation into a racist? Picture that's on Virginia. Governor Ralph northbound's yearbook page the democratic leader is saying he is not in the picture after I apologizing its but the school's president says it's still unclear before the picture service. Governor northern was popular with Democrats and Republicans he'd worked with the other party to expand Medicaid, nearly a half million low income Virginians got bipartisan sign off a criminal Justice reform. Mass transit is biggest achievement landing twenty-five thousand Amazon jobs ABC's Andy Field in Richmond. Alabama's attorney general has ruled a police officer was justified when he fatally shot a legally armed ban at a mall on thanksgiving. It happened as the officer responded to a shooting. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder why European seemed to.

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