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I want to transition because I want to get your perspective not about these players, but about player accountability in some of the things that young guys out there need to recognize if you're going to come and play collegiate sports you had a Dexter Lawrence. You had zag laying Brandon Galloway they got suspended because the national championship game because of some failed drug tests, but some muscle growth supplements, or whatever the case may be but more than that forget about those guys for a second. You are a coach going into kids home talking to their parents, their family members, etc. Etc. Because of how things have changed from a societal perspective. Even from the business of the NCWA, how individuals players programs, etc. Held accountable what show message to kids that want to come and play collegiate sports that they really really need to know and the grasp if they're going to succeed at this level and keep their head above water. What are some of the minefields? You think they need to watch out for coach? Well, first of all, there's no entitlement. You know, we we we live in this world now, especially with a lot of young people. They get armed with this entitlement. Whether comes from, you know, outside people in their life, or whatever or the recruiting process. You know, listen, there's no elevator to success. You know, you gotta take the steps period. The and you got to be willing to put the work in and the one thing about football. That's never changed is it's still hard work and its commitment and sacrifice sacrificing his dedication. And it's it's stick to this. And it's team, and and its structure and all those things, and you know, and you have to start over you know, you have to yourself. I mean and just kinda come in with the right month that I mean, most of these guys I mean, you always tell them, listen, you're better players, a senior in high school or freshmen in in high school, and you know, they all usually. Say obviously must here. Why is that more experienced more knowledgeable more poise stronger smarter, all those things, and it doesn't mean you can't be a good freshman, obviously. But enjoy all the journey and just come in and put the work in, you know, everybody wants to be great. But not everybody's willing to do what it takes to be great. And and you know character is matters. You know, character matters that any anybody your talent, and your your your knowledge could get you to the top of whatever it is. Whether you're a great radio host TV host like yourself or football coach or a football player. But only your character is gonna keep you there. And, you know, so be young person of excellence in everything that you do, you know, value your education value the journey? You know, life is so short, and it's a moment three or four or five years in the scope of your life is such.

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