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I'm gonna start over here such and he just said things the only exactly shower this morning there's no odor he must be feeling ill now we I look across the way did you have a sports update what they just ask your questions have a sports update rumor on the street is Antonio brown and Tom Brady have never not communicated for the past two months apparently they're planning their re union that's right and Tonio brown Tom Brady are going to be on a football field together write it down for the twenty twenty series live our life for the same team what team member where you heard it here first what team what's your favorite team I don't really have one what's your guess what your team Redskins that sounds like a dumpster fire now what would happen if if your favorite team the Redskins got Tom Brady it was amazing quarterback an inmate has the first person ever to make the successful transition from canine to human just a lovely girl and but I just was I'm just destroy it I'm disturbed by the thing done he did as I read about that we called again vaginal kung fu yes Sir mystic about ping pong balls is just such a side show freakish thing did right and I saw a video once with at the end of your member she claimed it was and I'm quoting an essential life skill for a woman if if if those lottery shows lottery wow how do you squeeze out of four this woman shot Derek she blue candles out she put cold cream into the balcony yeah yeah like vaudeville stuff I mean she what what Annette money tell you something you member no I don't but the most amazing thing was watching oddly enough what's your blow can't love look for that really almost done it was comforting was it her birthday no it's just like a it was like a like a large single I get to like the candle that you use at night when somebody knocks on the door you know in your own life yeah there is video of Madame th why is it that act against gonna write down is there are you in a Q. and a my dad spoke of this woman and some kind of wacky party back in Pennsylvania really yeah when I was this woman that we saw it was a theater situation it was a dinner theater there were men and women they were dressed up where they all right who had the tunica it was I'm sorry people she was killed if you can recall treatment a balcony I'm gonna pull a horrible.

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