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You've got fifty three guys that you're trying to keep pointing in one direction. And I think that you know, winning that game was really important for this team going into the playoffs. Because if in fact, Minnesota comes back and loses that game granted, they would probably be able to beat Minnesota probably easier than they have. We'll have a game against Philadelphia. But why risk it why why take that opportunity? You put any doubt at all in the your players heads. We lost to these guys. We know we pulled some of our guys when we still lost to him. And maybe they get confidence. Vikings get some confidence now. No, absolutely. There's something to having found yourself in a position where you can eliminate an opponent you let them sneak back in. And then knowing that they would be the very next opponent. I know we all watch this game. And we say to ourselves. Okay. Kirk cousins, there's nothing there. Like you. Right. You're looking your chops at the opportunity to maybe play him in the first round. But the reality is you don't want to let them give them life. You don't want to breed that backing off of that. And look it's not like neither team again. I is it's the playoffs. Yeah. You wanna put the nail in the coffin in the Vikings. You want them to be done finished their season. They're done. You saw what happened in the sidelines there that you didn't want that coming back because who knows at that point all of a sudden causes dealing with a feeling good about themselves. They came back and got a victory. I was just happy that they went and got that thing over with. You know, you were talking earlier about the relationship. And I think this is a we've got so many Kutcher Nagy talking about relationships. But I think this is it this is him talking earlier today about his relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Peterson. Well, in general, not just us. But our families are close are wiser close our kids. He's got older kids. So. He's he preps me a little bit. Even in in the in the family world of of knowing he's got three boys. So me having four boys. He can kinda give me an idea. What I'm what I'm looking into here in the future. But he's got a great family. And like I said, we're all close. And so there's been there's too many stories for me to sit up here and tell you I mean it goes back to back to I can remember in twenty ten our first year when we get out at lunchtime in the off season. Just go for runs, you know, just trying to get away with it goes. I mean, whether it's playing golf together. Whether it's breaking down quarterbacks putting plays, whatever. I mean, we just it goes it goes on and on eating lots of ice cream late at night. He loves he loves the soft squeeze vanilla ice cream with the rainbow sprinkles, that's his favorite. He loves it. He'll he'll admit that. Okay. Now here in this in this neck of the woods is part of the country is called self serve soft serve. It's called soft squeeze somewhere. Or is that is that just something to happen because he's from the east east coast. Right. He grew up in in the Philly area. And but soft squeeze I'd never ever heard of. I'm unfamiliar survey of heard Landau lakes the butter soft squeezed spread. I'm obviously, I doubt Doug Peterson is aiding the nila butter spread. I think with at least with the when he clarifies with rainbow sprinkles, it's probably yes. Soft serve nevertheless, who's not a fan of some vanilla soft serve. Although I'll say I in particular NATs, a huge proponent of the rainbow sprinkles, no me neither. I'm not a big sprinkles. Yeah. I don't think they add much to the to the ice cream experienced to be honest with you. And then they just fall all over the place, the taste is fine. It's just extra sugar though, you getting plenty of sugar in the soft serve usually. And let's be honest. If you're going to go with a topping, let's get some hot chocolate or some some caramel. And there there's no need depth. Cones are the best at can't go wrong. There. Oh, sure. Dairy Queen every come on. You gotta be kid- put personally the rainbow sprinkles that caught me a little by surprise today. When I heard that Doug Peterson is indeed a rainbow sprinkle guy. Yeah. When it's funny because preparing for this preparing for the eagles in the bears. I go back and think about Trey Burton, okay? Because Trey Burton one of the reasons that Trey Burton actually came here is because he knows the system he knew that playing under Doug Peterson. He was gonna play a very very similar, you know, system with Matt Nagy here because the guys who played together coach together been together, they run similar type offenses. And that was one of the reasons he did that and Nagy also talked today about Doug Peterson and his aggressive style of play. I mean, yeah, they lead the the NFL and going forward on on two point conversions and they're at the top in fourth down. So that's that's who they are. It's not a surprise me one bit. We'll try to stay prepared as precursory can be. But and but no, it doesn't shock me. That's he's he's always kind of been that way. And it's funny. They have a good kicker and they still go forward. I, you know, two point conversions down fourth fourth-down Kelly who is also local won the Super Bowl last year with the eagles. I had a lot of big kicks. I believe he Elliott won a game with a sixty two yard serves last year. Yeah. So that was really his welcome to the NFL moment last season. He's he's near near trying to remember the exact suburb. That's. Lagrange? Yeah. I was gonna say I think it is. But I didn't wanna miss speak. But yeah, look we're going to see in both Matt Nagy and Doug Peterson to is who are of the same mind when it comes to being aggressive. They're going to if there's fourth in short you saw last year it helped Doug Peterson during the Super Bowl. There's no reason for him to change at this point. If there are situations where the eagles find themselves in the fourth and short, look we're going to see between the two teams. I a few fourth downplays. I have no doubt. Yeah. Especially points are going to be at a premium with this bears defense on the field. I do think Doug Peterson is going to be giving his team extra sets of downs. And what happens is it's not just the fact that look you need you can convert that for the real advantage. If you know you're going to be an aggressive play caller is how you can attack third-down differently. If it's third and seven you don't need to drop that that third and eight or you need you need to drop an eight yard play to in order to get the first down, you if you have the mindset that fourth and two were going for it. You can take those four or five free yards. The defense will usually give you on third down any seven because they're just trying to get you off the field. It's almost ingrained in them. And so you setting yourself up for a fourth and a fourth and short. And when you have that mentality though, that's built in advantage that aggressive play cars have that conservative ones. Do not is another thing too. And we saw this with Mitchell Trubisky the other day and how well they they were on third down plays. Okay. They were very very good. I wanna say eight or fourteen on third down the other day against Minnesota. Trubisky has been really good at third down over the last couple of weeks, and one of the reasons you're on third down as you gain yards on first and second down, certainly and they're they've been doing that of late and part of that has to do with the running game. It's funny. How when we talked a lot of people were saying bears. Gotta get the running game when it gets colder than they need to run the ball, and Matt Nagy kind of pooh-poohed the whole thing. Okay. Said while we're going to run our offense based on you know, the opposition and everything else. But you think about it? Narrowed it down the last five games. Jordan Howard is three hundred ninety nine yards four touchdowns. He's averaging four point five yards per carry. And they're they're telling you they're going to run because they put Bradley soul in the backfield. Eight times the other day seven times they ran the ball for a total of twenty eight yards got four yards. Average those carries. You've got Burton out there. You know, Mike, Michael Burton who's one of their who's their fullback. And you stick Bradley soul back there. And you're telling him you're going to run. That's okay. Because you got a guy like that there, and you have Kyle long back, sir. And you have pulling tackles with Leto or you have a James Daniels who's actually playing so very very well. Offense of line is doing a really good job. So they're gaining yards on first and second down the running the football mitch's hitting the short passes. They're throwing deep when they have to the he found Taylor Gabriel. He threw the ball. When taylor. Gabriel was at the twenty-five. Gabriel caught it at the three. Okay. That's what you want your quarterback to do. Okay. That's what he's supposed to do. He threw the ball before. Giovanni whims. Turned. I wanted Dzhavadav Williams. Four catches. That's what quarterbacks are supposed to do. They know where a guy supposed to be divided Williams. Georgia kid doesn't doesn't play hardly at all all season. He was where he was supposed to be made four catches even the Kevin white. Catch outta blitz. Was a great play by Mitchell Trubisky. Add by Kevin white, which probably does get enough talk other than Kevin white appearance. You made. To catch, you know. So everything's working. Well, that's why I said I would be shocked different facts something bad happened along the lakefront on Sunday. Especially the way they've been playing at Soldier Field this year to two soundbites that Matt Nagy talked about highlight what you just mentioned there. I wanna play those on the other side of sports center here and part of it is look we've been making assumptions I think in some ways based on a small sample size a lot of stuff that ma- naked came in. And did it from the outset. The first four games we had very little to go off of he's still learning his way coach in the NFL. And so it's important not to leap to conclusions on anything based on a couple of games. Even look it's one full season. But still we haven't seen Matt Nagy and how he may approach a playoff game just a little bit differently knowing it's a dire do or die, go home. If you lose situation. So we got to listen to everything he says, we are doing that. That's why we're playing you all these Nagy soundbites because he is. More open and forthright than most NFL coaches. You can listen to it. And if you read you he didn't even have to read between the lines a lot of times, he's so honest open about it. There's a couple of things though that I wanna play on the other side of sports center here that you mentioned that highly perfectly. So we will talk about those. We'll get to your calls three one two three three two three seven seven six talk and bears and eagles in the playoffs. That's right. This sunday. Three forty start were discussing it here on ESPN one thousand..

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