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I'd welcome back. It is the nfc mix tape beog put on his human hot dog costume. I feel like by the way dogs. Like storrow this hotdogs right. Thank you chicago for doing it right. It's really get a meal experience. There should be a lot of stuff on there. I mean there's a time obviously wouldn't grilling at home and you don't want to like put. Lettuce are dependent on a hot dog. No i'm sorry. I'm thinking tomato celery. Salt onions mustard sport peppers relish pickle. Spear you know everything that goes on way go. No that's great. It'd be like to be a meal it should just be. I mean obviously again if you're barbecuing at home and you don't want to do all that. That's understandable but if you're like getting hot dogs as a meal that's how they should be See that damage food. Like i need a fork and knife at that point. What i mean like. It's just too complicated. Biaggi you did not mention Philadelphia's record against washington over the last decade. what is it to eleven and nine so just to out ahead. There's a stretch. They're kind of where they couldn't be washington that all and that was why at the time it kind of seems silly to some people that eagles players were dumping gatorade on. Doug peterson after week. One and two thousand seventeen but they hadn't beat washington in quite a while and he was like that it was like two thousand. Fourteen early in the season was their last win over washington before that week. One win so there was a time where washington kind of had their number. And then recently i think really until this season they had washington's number really from that super bowl season Until last year so kind of an interesting stretch where it wasn't like constantly back and forth it's kinda like like big runs like a we own the side. Now we on the side so yeah just out ahead of five hundred eleven nine record interesting so philadelphia is ahead of five hundred against both new york and washington interesting to note. Now the deal that saying that for any reason that will get you in a little bit but So my choice for dallas They are also just like they are against the giants. They are thirteen and seven against washington over the last ten years So very successful against both teams in generally speaking they are very very very successful in the dak prescott era their losses have come under enormous. Circumstances obviously got swept last year for the first time since two thousand twelve But the first game was andy. Dalton on buzzer tackles route sack. Martin was out. Andy dalton got her and then their second game came under extreme emotional circumstances We recorded friday football of that week. As we've discussed many times But so i mentioned it was the first time they've got swept last year since two thousand twelve my most painful cowboys loss to washington in the last ten years was week. Seventeen of the two thousand twelve season biaggi. I mentioned how the cowboys You know they lost win in games in back to back to back week. Seventeens to all three of their division rivals. I i'm glad for this. But i really feel like that is not talked about enough. Like that is an unique level of disappointment that the guy was provided their fan base In its rear stretch this one though of those three losses two thousand eleven against the giants two thousand twelve against washington two thousand thirteen against philli not to pooh-poohed philly. Because you're here but the cowboys were down. Tony romo in that game. So i mean like. Starting kyle orton. There wasn't a lot of hope This loss though against washington was the most painful of the three The cowboys offense had been on fire that year. I don't know how well you remember. This biagio needles family members but that was when dez bryant had finally taken off Down the stretch of that two thousand twelve season. He had gone over two hundred yards in one game. I mean he had just been this monster. When a lot of people their fantasy leads the cowboys had posted over. Four hundred total offensive yards in back to back weeks before week. Seventeen including biaggi. They had four hundred fifty eight against washington on thanksgiving And we're not able to even eclipse three hundred in this game. It was a very kind of just swamp want performance. They lost twenty eight to eighteen It was really devastating to lose. You talk about like fluky runs. What was that washington team to. And seven i think. And then they just rallied off seven wins in a row to win the division and the whole world was in love with. rg three. And i'm gonna assume we weren't Best pals then. But i'm gonna assume that like me you were not sold on. Rg three at the time. And obviously it did not work out for them. But thankfully kirk cousins. Shut up to save the day. I was scared of rj. Three there for awhile pre injury. Didn't of course. Yeah but afterwards it was it was so like corporate like his whole operation patients ridiculous. That was like the off season after his first season. Which you know so so the injury and then all that we already know branding stuff offseason. Yeah at that point. Go ahead Yeah so the two thousand twelve season is a very season is a season to me that i much do not remember just because eagles were terrible that year and it was kind of like we off all coming from a mile away because again like i said earlier you'll had gone four and eight in two thousand eleven. They finished with a four game. Winning streak eight but didn't mean anything obviously. They didn't make the playoffs. It kind of felt like something..

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