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When you hear i really are we will you help y'all oh sure around stole those departing that they are the best of the best we got me want two two emilia clarke liu malcolm satan for too is she and his huang's since the none eleven terrorist attacks on the united states this will be the third mobilization for the pierre chamberlain and mortgage brings unit like easy debs documentary born to buckle be having a fifty year reunion next month and fort pierre look easy to have the audio is hosting the reunion on saturday youngest 1932 pm at the rodeo oh center the film is about how casey tubes moved more than three hundred horses wild horses from white river to fort pierre heathrow usinor director of sunday by he's though the film zackhras an extras are invited as well as the general public and happier fehlmann document hurry at bringing heart her up anger for pierre an cracker river into for appear in by anybody that had any part of mary whether large or small part to come in and an era she says she is organizing the event documented the stories of those involved in the film put a cream of our when i realised aniversary anna better climbing to do there for mary share made several people are hacked away dan quayle waited 75 five from our park gonna be gone how much rather document their account and mary by says the rodeo center will be having of viewing of the movie with an informal presentation from those who played a role in the production of the film that event will be held saturday august nineteen th at two pm at the road jio center lease out there to highway patrol welcomed its largest group of new troopers and more than forty years at a ceremony friday morning inside of the state capital rotunda in pierre who declined so twenty recruits fifteen men and five women it's the largest class since 2005 recruits joined in 74 and it's also the highest clients of women ever and state history highway patrol supranational curl craig bryant's says the highway patrol some of the best people in the nation oh.

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