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Job right okay so let's get started with this thing I've heard rumblings about on Hulu Mrs America yeah this is a show that I want everyone to watch because it's based on a true story takes the early seventies it's about the equal rights amendment and how she plans sure she placed those show last week and she was staunchly against women rights and we see her going up against people like Shirley Chisholm and Gloria Steinem and Betty for Dan so in that area of the seventies we think woman's right come into play and then now with our clients how would street repeating itself and that the social Y. want people to watch and see what happens when we don't pay attention history without knowing your eyes out to today well I mean in so many ways yeah I mean so many obvious ways and I bet there's a bunch of the less obvious which is why we should probably watch it to find out but the thing I am struck by with the series is just the cast alone okay so I need to get lashed out at you about who won and useful largest new clock she's surely check them and she will chart rip your heart out as surely and again parallels with her character to the current environment just a Roseburg please quote Gloria Steinem the phenomenal treat the almond is Betty for Dan and the most recent apps are all locked her lips with banks Margo Martindale John Slattery I mean it it's just this incredible catch all doing things that you kind of don't expect from them in a way interesting I'm you know I'm you know how can I ask you this question Paul I don't know the answer for this but I think this one kind of flew under the radar just showed up in our streaming why why was this not marketed heavily I don't think it has well I have something to do with the fact that it affects network show that only streaming exclusively on Hulu okay so you know we we know all of the Ryan Murphy shows are on act now they have a new contract with who's I think its search you're not actively watching fox or might actually have a clue on you wouldn't see from what part should have that Ryan Murphy field even though it's not one of his shot with you now but if you're paying attention to who led up to the great program you may end up seeing out sports on that blue bottle parts for it so they're available now at least one day we'll get a new apostolic the one thing I did notice and I think this might have something to do with that is there is a huge like you know banner ad push at least I just remember seeing a lot of banner ads and trailers for it probably before we all went into you know our current situation and then I think we all have that current situation happen right and so bunch of stuff that was ready to be you know unleashed sort of maybe got drowned out someone it said that it was like oh yeah I know that's actually coming it's here right and I think people have to determine to what do they want their entertainment to be topical and something that that we can learn from work they just wanted to be mocked you know brain cat yeah good America will definitely make you think I will make you think about how you want to use your voice for the better and you will find yourself shouting at the screen the plan which targets the aisle with you all that or you know all these topics that you believe that any if you were against you know Phyllis Schlafly like I am like you will hate people accident because she's so good and so calculating but then you're cheering for you know the court's time and I'm not sure which is and you're rooting for their characteristics the guy and it's like how the parabolic arc in kind how which we view is first to connect those dots to tell what's so interesting about that is in so many different ways we're seeing art imitating life and in most you know even more just to kind of like make the loop loop here the art imitating life imitating art imitating life with right leg was seen he eats itself sometimes through an artist's offering of history so it's just how timely this is M. and I do wish that it had been that I I guess I wish more people knew about it and that's what we're doing here right stalking about it thank god how many tickets and I want so four out of five minutes I want people to watch it on Hulu again this is America let me know what you think follow me on Instagram Twitter I want to watch them occupy to check that out well I mean that that's definitely on our list in our house so the other thing that's on my list as well for other reasons for so many reasons but mostly because I loved this book when I was a child little man you got you know if you miss the most recent version of Mike Ruddock Ehrlich dated feeders was after six Oscar nominations it's now the hawks blue ray DVD on demand so can if you want another like a large female based ensemble which fades faster tractors that will just make you feel good maybe you know shattered Europe during its available free right now and I what I love about it is a lot that credit karma gave off forty sisters their own voice and their own opinion on shell backpack in the unit they grow up in the civil rights era civil war era yeah I loved this book and I have never how do I say this I have never loved a stage or movie version of the S. like I loved you and from what I hear this is like this if you love the book this is the one that you love the bass I think because a lot of garlic locks the box so much to that she put so much into how she wrote it how she corrected and how she passed it to make you know a contemporary audience fall in love with the characters that you know which are surrounding into **** but then also asked that loves classic and want to see the old three oh four H. and then you know characters like eighty or you know I think it's Amy batch you don't really like in the books you know going back and forth you place her cell while they go like oh no like I guess you are and I understand why you make these choices actually like your character not even more because you're a little feisty but you just want to be accepted lockdown I love all forms the next yeah awesome how many tickets subs for this one so for now by the party hello and thank you a couple of times now and I just kind of all of it each time I watch it and it should maybe got a young daughter home or somebody one each to the characters it's a great person after store I love this I this I might have a little date night with my daughter so call up your let me know how I well Paul you know you've given us some great things to think about watching this weekend it sounds like you've watched them yourself what are you gonna actually being watching at your home this weekend okay what have you mentioned it earlier we've got the sunshine ninetieth birthday celebration on YouTube seventy nine I mean Stephen Sondheim's music it's life changing incredible icing on them I just need to get a major college style his music is incredible like we've seen multiple shows appear on stage we sunk multiple number so I'm just looking for teaching all of these singers and actors just performance his music and see what it's like yeah absolutely it does I mean seriously yeah if you even if you don't know your way around Sondheim even if you are just like enamored by a celebrity the names that are involved in this are like mind blowing and if you have time to go to YouTube and look up data date content eightieth birthday special on PBS I mean ten years gone out despite crazy to me you can see a lot of us form and we watch them all the time because somebody up it of course but if they're just incredible trip down memory lane for the shows these iconic performances and so many of these original cast but we'll come back and mixing the songs it is truly phenomenal what's your favorite Sondheim show the White House what did you think of Disney remake I was actually pretty well done given how dark the show is in and then try to cater towards I'd give me audience now Johnny got but I thought like yeah thank you so much for telling us what they got to this weekend we'll talk to you again next week all right the only the guy Grimes from Paul's trip to the movies follow him on all the social media platforms and he'll tell you what's good when it comes to what you should be watching we come back on the Colleen Bradley show we've got some dumb people doing dumb things we call him crazy stupid idiots are going to tell you all about him after this am I talking to seven one my top one of seven one everything can you help us with this the look not only at the level will get entertainment nothing but good times getting up with Jason and Alexis lex and I were doing a special broadcast in the early days of our original show twelve years ago we were live at the Metrodome and Disney Pixar was doing a promotion where they sent Alexis off to the roof of the Metrodome in an op style balloons that she's not strapped in at all well actually let your stress I found another closer picture you are you do have a strap on you know what I did last night RT girl do not hello.

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