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A. Spot to wagering options and remember this that. There are twenty seven races from. Friday into the Derby therapy being the twenty seventh. Pleased on tap out. The Turkey. Try to manage your money a little bit. I don't WanNa hear horror stories about I had a cold in the. At a bad beaten. That's the worst. And this is the old, keep your powder dry and yeah you if you've got, we've I'm glad you said that Dick because it's something that typically again when I have two weeks here different than what this has been and that's something we really tried to drive home I mean that you've got features and late pick fours late pick five and you've got the the races you've been anticipating the most and you don't WanNa you don't WanNa have put a dent in the fender before you get to the spot where you're going to drive it home. and. It's a balancing act because at the same time, you don't want to let something go by and pass up something would have really enhance Bancroft. So it's a balancing act but chests just keep the derby money kind separate and keep your the money. For the other races. Then I think you'll be okay. Dick Powell everybody and the Hong. Kong. Jockey Club season gets started one am on Sunday morning and Just enough of an interlude past derby. Okay. Said before Sunday Monday. At del Mar Saratoga. Then Kentucky doubts, this is this is it's an embarrassment of riches the. Ninety six hours like we've never seen. and. Good. For horse racing, you know we we got we found you know kind of an idea as has been everybody but here we have tra- disarm stances. a bunch of Saratoga finishing up and. Kentucky Derby Week and Kentucky Down Starting Hong Kong starting you got some Utah oxygen prices coming up and gigantic European races so I'm happy. Deck. I appreciate it, and we will be recapping and waiting more into the twenty twenty one season for the Hong Kong Jockey Club and there's Plenty of places to be following at. JC underscore racing is the main twitter feed but there's international information that will feed you as well and You know all the different invaluable insights for the people that you know. So look forward to the two days a week involving, shutting and Happy Valley Dick Good. Luck this weekend talk to you next week. By Dick Powell, everybody and James Scully is here. Where's No Eddie? No Eddie okay. So we'll save Eddie for tomorrow case that we gotta take a break. We'll take two breaks this morning the top of both hours. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back get into it with James and We got Tony to come yet and Ron Anderson. Nick Tammaro Gary Palmesano Junior. And maybe Darren we have no idea I know Darin Scott meetings on.

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