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Hey everybody. What's going on? I'm Rob Cicirino back again. With another recap of the hit new CBS series. That's right tough as nails. Your back I meant I meant to hit this one. Yeah. Well You're in for a real treat today because I Let me age introduce my co host for this podcast Jessica lease and Mike Bloom. Just in my cower you. Fantastic I'm tough as Down comforters? Nice Nice and soft I'm doing well. I'm in the process of moving right now, but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Considering I remove the alternator from my car to see how easy it was okay well. That go mike well. I hope I. Wish that they told the contestants how to put back in the car. I think that's the problem, so it's not gonNA. Run with that. We're GONNA. See what happens next week. When that challenge comes up all right well, we are all chuffed to bits today, because we are very excited to have with us a very special guest here to talk some tough as nails with us, he is the Emmy Award winning host of the amazing race and the executive producer and host of tough as nails. Please welcome Phil Cogan. Valves. Music. The toughest.

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