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Have a style on the five intestine. This one is going to be here a little while longer, and it is along the north beyond side of the five coming up on the 55 freeway. Let's flip that to the south side of the 55. It's the right lane to the South 55 connector that's blocked off and a laser backing up away from 17th Street. A quick check of the northwest side of the five It's slowing out of Irvine, leaving the 1 33 freeway all the way towards harbor in Anaheim. Now let's take a look at East LA with Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's bound side of the 60 hit the brakes Right off the 10. 5 split out of east La Interchange first stretch heavy almost to the 65. It'll loosen up right around Saint Gabriel Boulevard yourself. Up ahead some more swing from Rowland Heights of on and off pretty much 57 merge. There's a little problem in industry on the 6565 north, Um, approaching Valley Boulevard, say they've got everything to the right shoulder that's heading to slowing. That really starts way back at the 105 but stretches pretty choppy. It's not locked up by any means southbound side of the fence. Same kind of stop. That loads up just a little past. The 60th Pet road checked on and off the breaks through the five injured in an accident. This is superwoman super lawyer dot com Bike O'Brien KF high in the sky. Okay, F eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez ran out of propane. No need to drive to the store when you can get propane delivery straight to your door with Sanchez C Y N. C. H. Cinch brings the tanks to you. It's easy and convenient. Propane home delivery. Here's how it works. Go to cinch dot com that.

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