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Let me let me pick a good one. George Bush, right? George Bush should be great. After all, he was there from 2001 through 2009. I mean, one bad year there right now, Remember, may bad years Gulf War Remember 2008 crisis Well, what do you think down 4.4%? Not looking so good, right? And I know immediately you go to Ronald Reagan, Of course, because you have to mean those were some some good times for the market. Overall, 1981 through 1989. You'd be right. The average annual return was 15.9%. And for George Sr. The average was 13.9 positive. Positive. Positive. Okay, good. We all tend to think about that. What about Mr Obama? President Obama? Well, he came in right. The Bottom. 93 2020 17 annualized return. 15.4% 15.4 And Ah, Mr Trump Average 15%. So all I can say is It doesn't matter. It doesn't really matter because when you take it all together and you annual ISAT The average return for presidential terms is positive. 10.3% again. I'm just talking about the S and P 500. Index, which, as we've been talking about a lot right now is consisting of really four big stocks. I mean, go look at it. You can. You can pull it up and see the top four stocks and what percentage they make up of the SNP. It's kind of frightening. I mean, all those 500 companies and four of them make up a lot of that index right now, so this is again kind of an anomaly that's happening. But what's fascinating is if you chart all this, Alex, I love looking at it. Yeah, I know. I'm kind of getting that way. If you love looking at charts, which I do. I like looking at things that go up. January. 1926 if you had a dollar You had $1 in 1926. And you put it in the S and P 500. You left it through December of last year, 2019. You would have an incredible return. Your $1 would be. Ah. Almost $8000. Can you believe that? It's incredible. And that's and again we have a charger that shows every single President Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ford Carter, all the ones I mentioned, and you could just see what happens. Over their terms. With with your investment. So when people start to tell you should you be getting out of your stocks right now? Oh, cell. I mean, this this past week, we had several calls where people were just calling in and saying I heard I should sell things right now I'm really thinking of throwing it all into a fixed indexed annuity. There's no fees and those things that's not true. You know, there's I just love having these conversations of people because they don't get all the facts. They make these decisions which are just way out there. And I'm happy to let you know what to ask these people as they talk to you. Like how much commissioner getting paid. It's a great question when you asked that one. Not really. This one fellow this week came back to me with Oh, it's being paid for out of a marketing budget in this and not the other thing I said, Did they tell you what the percentage of the commission was? No. Why not? What are they afraid of? To say it 6%, but whatever it is, just say it. Who cares? Tell him tell him I mean, come on, coming up next. It's time for our popular, they say segment. Where there say they say right now you should be buying municipal bonds. Is that true? How is covert affected revenue? We're going to get into that. It's all coming up next. You're listening to the sand man on protect your assets will be right back..

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