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Some ads. Some sports have returned and with that. You can make some money with draftkings. It's good speaks for everybody like nobody enjoyed that fight, nobody but Muslim. Dole will fight against soon. Stu Gods and he will make plenty of money because he learned it. Shale sonnen learned Conor McGregor learned it there, guys who who who had a an ability and then maximized it with their mouth. You you are right a whole lot there. Men Muslims said before the fights to God when they said that the fight was trending Khabib McGregor numbers. He said before the fight he's like. Why do you think that is because of me? It's not because of the other guy, and it's not because of the other guy and if. If he's headlining another card. A whole lot of people aren't going to watch for the same reasons you're talking about. Yeah, now listen apologies to my friend who are a Mazda. Only talking terms of my hair and getting a haircut like the next title fights going to be minute, and therefore I'm getting my haircut right after the show to them, and it's really long..

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