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A bigger loss in that, we all know that It's easy to get up in the emotions of first game and certainly with this coaching staff that is carryover from two thousand nineteen. You have every right not to have faith in den Quinn other in the rest that said I do think there are some positives to take away from this game and As I said before the first game, the NFL season is rarely ever a predictor of how the rest of season is going to go. So if you're wondering why you should continue watch the Falcons for the. Twenty season. Stay with us, I do think that this team has lots offer look at the wide receiver a rotation in what they did today look at what Todd Gurley did early in the first-half look at what the offensive line was able to do and I think you can find some reasons to to to build some optimism even if ultimately, no, we know the Atlanta. Falcons, they're gonNA crush hearts. So and I have one more. Leave your clothes on I. mentioned it on twitter in I. Think it's important to remember this. We all wanted Falcons Falcons football for months we all create. You'll you. Be careful what you wish for. Man Boy if that, if that phrase didn't ring more true than today I, don't know could. Evan Reminder listeners where they can find you. What you've got going on. You can find me at at the alcoholic writing in obviously on twitter at Evan Burchfield I will have a stats thing during the week I believe on. Tuesday. Kinda recapping where players ranked. Round the league touching on Matt Ryan now being ninth all time in passing yardage. Kind of you know basic stats like that. Just to kind of recap where everybody's at also on Friday's I, have my fantasy outlook will talk about the Falcons going into the weekend and also some league wide options you can look at also you know if you send me questions on twitter at. A Hollick Evan at Yahoo or just me on twitter whatever's easier for you I'll. Include them in that as a mailbag or whatever. So Yeah just enjoy your week folks football's back talking to be even with loss like this I find myself kind of comfortable because I'm just excited to see some football. A man absolutely could with with more evidence good to be back with you on the podcast long, season..

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