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Sharpe meet you. Restate my position on this that i've held for thirty years. I hate field goal kicking. Because i hate the notion that a game between warriors fight it out for almost sixty minutes comes down to this little guy running onto the field. Who's usually a soccer player by background. And that's the position these replace can't play any position near sport does not belong in your sport except to kick the ball off the ground up through gimmicky uprights which has always been weird to me. It's it's silly. It's beneath the dignity of football. And i've always said a place kicking extra points and field goals and just play it out now. Wouldn't work last night. Lamar would had to go down and scored in the get the ball neon sign. I'm fine with punting and by the way punters are always more athletic in bigger men than field goal kickers because they have to catch the ball and then they often have to past always been much better. Athletes are always very good golfers. The place-kickers eliminate this except for the because it's way too much on the scoreboard. The value is way too high because they win and lose games by the way we haven't talked about this. But cody parkey last night. He missed a thirty nine yard. Field goal very makeable and missed an extra point. Okay there's four. Points did not impact the game in a negative way for the cleveland browns. You could say that. He lost the game for the cleveland. Browns that ultimately justin tucker one. Okay now i'm going to explain to you. Why because i can't change this rule why i would pay justin tucker quarterback money. I'm not being straight with you. Just tucker is worth thirty to thirty five million dollars. If i were an owner of a football team i would say i want that guy. I'm going to go get him. And i'm gonna pay quarterback money because he wins and loses a lot of gangs. Well we'll how much magnitude does he have. How much impact on the scoreboard or my ultimate record. I told you last year. Brett maher breadth. The fret was the worst. Kicker and pro. Football in my cowboys went eight with him and could've gone ten and six if he had made some of those kicks it ends up. Impacting your record. Is jerry jones. Say that no because they always treat them like they're dime a dozen would happen because you dan bailey. Yeah bailey fota. Tim points on sunday. And you can argue. He lost them a road game at tampa that the team played well enough to win so he's got a fly back on the team plane. You've been there before and you're looking sideways side at this little guy who doesn't even belong in a football game and he just lost or one you the game because you see the things they do in practice they can kick the ball from fifty yards out and put it in the trash can but you mean to tell you can kick it thirty yards through bigalow a choke and listen once they go south. Psychologically they'd use news hard overcome that. Okay so here's just tucker. He went undrafted out of texts undrafted. And he's a smallish man by football standards right. yep he's got the best leg in the history of the game to me on lift. I've never seen anybody get the ball up as fast as just tucker us. He's made from fifty plus shards. Forty two of forty nine field goals. That's gold that's a big part of what the ravens do in his rookie year. If i'm not mistaken. He kicked the game winning denver. He did not have a rookie undrafted. Rookie. that's what he did so the only owner whoever agreed with me on this principle was al davis late. Great al davis was close to him but he drafted sebastian jankowski with the seventeenth overall. Pick and continue to pay him high money for a kicker well did he pay off. Yeah he won. A lot of gains had a huge leg. But i don't think he had the leg quite that. This man does. He might have had a strong leg but he didn't have accuracy and he didn't have the lift. Just duggar gets it up so fast. It's impossible to block surprise that they've locked pat. But i think he knew he had a low trajectory on that. Because the got really ya but for me met lining up like took you got fifty five and before i basically have friends and seeing the ball is through the right. Yep he got it. He's got the reason why. He's the highest paid kicker. There's a reason why four eight years he's been the first to even the all pro kicker on the nfl protein. And there's a reason why he might be it again this so when you look at it and you look at what they seventy. One percent of his field goals from fifty plus seventy one percent. Skip hair you hope. You make fifty percent of all this field goal. Forget what hackett plus in this day. Path some guys can't make. He's he's special. And i play. You know jason elam in denver played with matt stover in baltimore. Who kick for them. In cleveland and came an end up playing about eighteen nineteen years. So i i've been blessed. Skip this kid here to be able to kick like..

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