Humanitarian Aid, Yemen, Twenty Percent discussed on Morning Edition


And humanitarian aid only covers twenty percent of that so a commercial shipments are as important as humanitarian aid right now so if the ports and airports are now open if the blockade we are hearing has at least been partially lifted does this mean that aid operations can go back to normal each will simplify i will work chun extent but the bottom line here is that we can't celebrate this partial easing of restrictions even though the reopening call the plan the opening of ports humanitarian traffic will ease the flow fade and they will still leave the population of yemen in a worse situation than there were two weeks ago before the blockade started and as i mentioned humanitarian aid alone is not enough to meet the needs of the yemeni people and we need commercial shipments of food and fuel to be resumed alongside of alongside humanitarian aid otherwise will be doing little to turn yemen back from the brink of famine yemen is an import heavy country it as import a lot of things including food on we've done some reporting here npr on the conditions in hospitals in yemen they they were not good when we were reporting on them they were outbreaks of cholera obviously as you say people on the brink of famine howard the hospitals doing at this point the situation is deteriorating by the day we've got basic supplies of medicines and vaccines that are due to run out there are some in a metre day seminar met wash weeks due to lack of fuel generators and water pumps are are shutting down and some of the health clinics and hospitals at morgan and condo need to tell you what.

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