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But MAs factories backs. That's been fun. If you've never checked out that series. There's never been a better time. Oh, but we've I don't know we made his website. It looks really cool and because it's powered by chorus. But you Lynn. I'll just let them whatever they want to. But it's very good as good as a fun website. And it was a fun thing to make. But that's McElroy dot family, and you can find all this stuff. My family makes there, which is just awesome. You know, Dave, I I've just wanted to also thank you for for in my partner here these last couple of months as we kind of we kinda ride this thing out. It's been really great to be able to share the responsibilities of this podcast with ya. And and like I was saying before you're editing, and your your audio skills are absolutely phenomenal have been such great asset. So it's been a pleasure, buddy. Thank you. It's it's the easiest thing in the world. I mean, that's what's I I worked in places the many places Eddie gency retail Bank for many years before I started appalling on and it has improbably been like six and a half years since. Everybody took a chance on me here. And the thing I never ever ever lose sight of. It's how much better paulie gone runs than any place. I've ever been and that is both because of the people who are in charge at polygon. But also because of the people who work at polygon like, we are we're friends, right? And I think that comes across it certainly comes across in, you know, hopping into the middle of a podcast that other people.

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