Collision Avoidance, Intel, Fly Through discussed on Commercial Drones FM - #041 - Bringing Advanced Computer Vision To Industrial Drones with Alex Harmsen


Products on the market obviously there's dji they have their vision sensing uh also intel has real sense how do you compare to those products like how does iris automation differentiate itself i guess maybe even from like the industrial aspects like what are you guys doing that tackles the problem or solves the problem differently than those two but i mean that's a that's a great question a question like that comes out all the time in this i think for me like relatively simple to to deal with but it could be uh to be hard to just intuitively understand i think when it comes to to collision avoidance in general or different collision avoidance technologies was sort of broken it up into two categories whereas intel real signs the dgi phantom four with their collision avoidance falls into this show the short range bumper solution this has ten twenty meters in front of the drone uh could be multiple directions but it's really meant for consumer drones it's meant for a sort of very slow shortrange navigation it's it's meant to fly through a parking garage or through a four star uh at special follow me features that's more interaction with humans are the using of her wedding shoot it just it's there to make sure you don't hit the altar accidentally but then the other side of that the other side of collision avoidance is more the sense and avoid technologies and that's more where we're going after this is more a full range solutions as tens to five hundred meter range it's the honestly the point of our system is to make drones boring um i mean we wanna make a boring a safe i n aviation and that's that's what you want to go over a minutes like certain orders of magnitude higher and safety we wanna make sure that these drones aren't running into manned aircraft and what we want to be able to allow these drones find national airspace and for the fa and transport canada and whatever other regulatory agencies the feel safe about letting hundreds of thousands package delivery drones like loose in airspace that that's the sort of problem we're dealing with that's the sort of problem that we're solving with this collision avoidance technology and i mean that in my mind that's a huge differentiator it's more toys compared to aviation and avionics.

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