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Mentioned this. But what were you doing before? I think he did say this quickly. But what was your career before for this? I was an adjunct instructor for ten years. Okay, right so at a university so works Johnny from classroom. Okay, so I'm assuming you never went back to that since you start coding. I did so. I also remind drama. Even when I was in the hospital I was still teaching I was teaching online, and then I think I did another semester after and then one of the interesting things is united been doing it so long that I almost forgot what it felt like to really love what you're doing. Because I think at some point, the joy in teaching went away. It was really kind of clouded by school politics. Politics in in things like that, and when I started learning to code, and I'm learning this new skill. I really love this like I. Want to get up everyday and do it, and at that point I think that right about the time I entered flat iron school and I knew this is going to be more than just a hobby for me. This is GonNa be a new chapter in my life, and that's when I stopped teaching. So maybe jumping around here, but I'm just very curious. What was it like when you were learning? Initially end even when you're going through flat iron school because you have four children and I assume they're all pretty young. Right like you had just be given. Birth started learning to code and then went to a coding bootcamp. It was challenging so at the time I had a one year old, a three year old, a six year old, and an eight year old, and we had transitioned them from home schooling into going to school, so two of them were in school, and then the two youngest ones were at home with me, and it was I mean the the whole scenario is challenging because I'm redefining my life I had never imagined that this would be a part of my story. Story so you know people ask you that question what your life can look like in five years and like I never would have dreamt that. This is what my life would have looked like five years ago, not only were they redefining what my career was, but I was redefining who I was as a person coming out of trauma, and so I really had to find for me I find scheduled very comforting and sorry. His working hard to find blocks of time. Time and so eventually that turned into was I was waking up at four thirty in the morning and coating a couple of hours before getting the kids to school now when I started it wasn't that four thirty up because I had a baby that was still waking up at night, and so it was maybe six o'clock in the morning until six thirty I do a little bit, and then at nap time I would do a little bit, and then like after. After four PM I started to go brain dead I can't think straight, and so it's hard for me to go then, but if I if I had to. There were some late nights that are just muscled through it in order to get done what I needed to get done at every possible. Actually it's not unlike now through the pandemic West kids at home, I trying to find all of those bits of time to do the thing that I really enjoyed doing. Yeah Wow, what a story! And when you were chatting I, was just thinking about. There's a lot of folks have had on the show or speaker. People I've spoken to over email. Who are learning to code? Maybe they're few months few years. Whatever and they'll do similar world. They'll wake up really early before anyone else's away, <unk> if they have family and they'll. Learn to code for a few hours and then get on with their day and then got you spoken to people. It's kind of the opposite. They wait till everyone goes to bed. They stay up really late and then that's when they do stuff. When like sort of like the houses? Quiet can actually focus for you know a prolonged period of time. Okay, so you start learning with free co camouflaged iron I assumed that was their remote program because they have the remote learning right right? It was part time self paced, or it was not part time it was self paced. Full Stack? Okay in about. How long were you going through that? It's hooked me eleven months and I think I was pretty proud of the pace that I, said I really had to challenge myself with you know working with the kids, and in having a couple of part time jobs and making it through that so for me, it was. Eleven months I went through a lot of recovery over those eleven eleven

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