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I realized i had not done myself any favors um in terms of stand up because um i started there continue to do it but my focus drifted quickly to acting and writing and doing all these other things and so without ever being on a famous uh comedy show that would put me out there in a comedy way i weirdly became this dramatic actor from suspects in you could men casino things so it was it was never the plan never a fantasy to be a dramatic actor you know i think maybe had a similar thing you saw michael keaton and nightshift new thought there you go let's do that there's a fantasy none of that guy yeah um and and so that weird thing happen so for me to what is the thing that i wish could happen was that i would get that i would have more comedy opportunities it is a weird bazaar careful what you wish now a thing in fact on the whole nine yards as the story goes i was pitched to the director jonathan lynn matt did my cousin benny other movies and british guy i was pitched to him to play this character yanni gogolek by the stars of the movie matthew perry and bruce willis who i knew from previous thanks and as the story was told me they pitch me and jonathan lin said well right when i i i i get it i mean he's good is good actor in obscene the few good men seen usual suspects he's very diverse but fell is this is a comedy now i had been undoing stand up for twenty years at that point through the couple of hbo specials right but mice my first long hour long hbo special came out within days of a few good men primary and that a wonderful jettisoned into this acting career where i went from auditioning to actually getting offers overnight just because i was the actor who the audience had never heard of before everyone else a super famous in that movie right and people i who's this guy and which is hollywood constantly feeding from who's this guy that's how the machine works so that lasted through the 90s but dumb.

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