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Hello and welcome to the economist asks and Miquel voi- and this week. We're asking is Mr. Trump the people's president. President Trump spent recent weeks on a riotous campaign to holding eleven rallies in eight states in the last week alone working the stadium like boardroom, he presented himself as a man of the people to rapturous crowds. You're defending together. With a lot of other great Republicans your freedom. This election will decide whether we build on the extrordinary prosperity that we've unleashed taken care of ourselves for change. Pataudi Donald Trump real estate billionaire native of the Gulf course, convince half of America that he was one of them. My guest today believes the president ease an ordinary Joe. And he Scaramucci worked for Donald Trump's team for almost a year culminating in eleven yes. Just eleven days as white has director of communications last year. His original trait is finance. He founded and runs investment firm skybridge capital. And his new book is called Trump. The blue color president Anthony Scaramucci, welcome to the economist ousts fantastic introduction. I was hoping you'd read it again. Let's look at your work with Donald Trump. You say in your book that it was a story of a unique friendship with the president. So how did the two of you meet and how did you become so close? Well, I mean, I don't wanna characterize it as close that's unfair. We have a good acquaintanceship. We have a good knowledge of each. Other. And you know, I think we we we enjoy Joe's personality we both had a laugh at at different situations. But I met him in one thousand nine hundred five my old boss introduced me to his name was Michael Fassa tally was at Goldman Sachs at the time. And what I write in the book is that he left a Yuejin pressure on me because he was then Donald J Trump he had already been a bestselling author and at a colossal success and was wonderful with PR on. I'm sure I made absolutely no impact on him. It wasn't until the two thousand eight nine ten period of time that we got to know each other because I was working at CNBC, and he had the NBC hit show the apprentice. And so then we started a more casual relationship, and then our relationship got very serious during the Mitt Romney campaign where we did to fundraisers, and Mr. Trump's apartment, and we had worked on a telephone together and some other things, and so that's when when he indicated three or four years later they've been around for president. That's when the relationship really started develop you. You're on the campaign, fullness to you. You'll take away from that. Is that Trump is blue collar hero? That'd be fed. Yeah. Yeah. What I would say is that he's a hero to the ordinary Joe that you're describing in the introduction. One of the reason why titled the the book the blue-collar president is I knew that the liberals would set their hair on fire, and they would shriek in horror that I would call a guy that was born with a golden toilet seat. Abe blue-collar president, you know, and if you looked at his apartment, and you can see it on the internet is it looks like Louie the fourteenth smoke, crystal meth and then decorated the apartment, and so you know, he's not a blue collar person. He's obviously born fairly gilded in. So the notion of the book, and the concept was for whatever reason he was able to tap into an identifier with the middle class and lower middle class struggle in the United States, and there's a struggle like that going on in the United Kingdom, which is also tied to the Brexit. There's a thread here between our two countries where half of the. Population has felt left out by the process of globalization. And so there's an anger response for later to that of the president was able to tap into that I did twenty six campaign stops with him. And when I tell on a story in the book, I grew up in blue collar family. My dad was an hourly worker, but what I tell in the book is that I started to lose touch with my origin, for whatever reason, this is unfortunate. But very true as I went to tops and Harvard Law School, and Goldman Sachs, and I started building my hedge fund businesses. I myself started operating a circle of elites, and I started to get the convert biases of the elites, and so spent enough time in Davos, Switzerland. You start thinking people that go two thousand insulin..

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