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Erkin indian? They Autry museum already moved out, a massive collection of native American artifacts. When it took over the property in two thousand three the United Airlines memorial is no more and long live. United Airlines field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at the compromise. USC says it's willing to live with the university responded to a letter written by the airline offering to pull out of a sixty nine million dollar naming rights deal at a meeting of the Coliseum commission. LA county supervisor Janice Han says she was confident of a compromise. And kind of hopeful that the trustees of USC chest with United Airlines. Well, we'll work something out that will be better in LA. Chris ancarlo KFI news. North Dakota's insurance. Commissioner is challenging the claim by Guinness world records that New York City councilman is the tallest American politician. John Godfrey says he's almost seven feet tall. The councilman is New York's in New York City is six ten special counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation could become a bestseller. Attorney general Bill Barr says he'll release the full report in mid April. Maybe before that. At least three publishers have said, they're ready to make the nearly four hundred page report into a book government reports are not copyrighted and can be published by anyone a letter bar has released on the Muller reports. The investigation did not find a criminal conspiracy between Russia and Donald Trump's campaign to swing the two thousand sixteen presidential election. The Muller findings also will likely be available for free from government website. Amy king KFI news. A woman Illinois has been accused of forcing thirty-three immigrants to live and work in her home. The FBI raided the home this week and found nineteen adults and fourteen. Children who are believed to be Guatemalan citizens. Federal investigators say the immigrants were allegedly forced to work and pay hundreds of dollars for ranch out care and transportation. A judge ordered the woman to remain in custody without bond yesterday. The woman faces two counts of forced labour and as many as forty years in prison. Pope Francis has issued wide ranging sex abuse legislation to curb abuse by church officials the new regulations call for Vatican personnel. Clergy and diplomats to immediately report abuse allegations to Vatican. Prosecutors the proposal the pope also laid out new standards for training. Vatican officials and employees about the risk of exploiting abusing are mistreating. Children and others who are horrible especially bird has made its debut at the zoo in northern Poland. It's an Al Bino penguin Zeus as the penguin who which was born in December is the world's only such living creature. This acrylic closure on the five Burbank on five freeway northbound Burbank boulevard to Hollywood way. It's all lanes remain shut down for police activity the envelope pursuit. Here's. Got.

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