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With Kenny, Ron Meyer. And you and 51283605. We got 18 wheelers coming from Ah FEMA distribution center in Fort Worth. Delivering water to the Austin area this morning. That's good news, and the city is currently working on a plan how to distribute that water all across the county and judge Andy Brown will update. He's gonna update us on that water coming up in just a few minutes. Let's squeeze in some calls. Kidding. You bet here. I think we got Shar. Yeah, the arboretum. Yeah. Good morning, Shar. Hi. Yes. Good morning. Thank you for taking my call. Can you hear me loud and clear. Go ahead. Yeah, great. Um, yeah. I was just calling in to say that we, um I live in the Arboretum area. Great Hills trail and none of the apartment complexes over here. We're still without power. I did see that The Renaissance Hotel came on last night. And the shopping center across the way with Trader Joe's and support area they popped on last night, but we are all still without power, which apartment complex Which which one which apartment complexes, it I've been all burrito MOCs Great Hills trail. Yeah. Yeah. And that whole road basically is still out. Wow. Well, have you wins? What have you recently called? Austin Energy 311 on that Um, Austin Energy. Well, I've been looking at their math, their power averages map, and it actually says that this area does have talent like a said surrounding us. You know, the Renaissance and the shopping centers. They do have power. But and I noticed, I think some of the of course, some of the houses in the neighborhood because some of them probably have gas and fireplaces, but as far as power power, um because there's a lot of down trees and frozen over lines in this area. So I think that's why they're they're having a bit of a struggle in this area. All the city now reports they have 17,000 customers approximately still without electricity, so Still a significant portion of folks waking up cold this morning. What have you been doing to stay warm? Well, right now I'm in my car. My son and I we've been you know, when we get too cold in our apartment. We just come into our into the car and and get warmed up in charge stuff, and we've had plenty of pantry items and water and things like that. So that hasn't been too bad. It's just we're we're now we really need some heat. Yeah, No kidding. I bet if you thought about going to one of those those shelters they set up for folks to get warm if you thought about that. No, No, I have not. But I might reach out to a friend, But I'm not really sure. Maybe even go. Maybe try a hotel. I I know that some of them are losing some of the people that you know had Had came in a couple of days ago, There was very able to leave, but I don't know if they're there's any space. I think the hotels that are available are any hate to say it are kind of questionable areas where I really wouldn't want to be anyway. And I understand that you may have mentioned it. Forgive me, but do you have water? No, We do not have water here. Yeah, I mean, what? We have drinking water, but no running water. Yeah, right. Right. I understand. I understand. When did the water go out? The water went out. Wow. What is today? Friday that Wednesday? Well, water went out with that. Yeah, The days are kind of running together, aren't they? Yeah. Yes, they are hanging their short much for taking my call. Yes. I just wanted tol that out there too. Then we're all still kind of struggling on great deals trail. Absolutely. Yeah, I drove through there. Well, I had a friend that drove through there and reporting some of those You could see some have electricity and some don't. Yeah, I'm tired, thinking. I think that's been the kind of frustrating for folks. You know you're freezing. And then you say your neighbor across the street's got power. People start to think. Well, what about me? What about me? If you forgot about me, no doubt if I could add a little anecdotal color here, So she mentioned the Renaissance Hotel? Yeah, that's where I was staying. Not. And so when she mentioned they said, she said, it looked like they had power last night. So here's what I can confirm. They lost power. Early Monday morning at the Renaissance like everybody else. Right and has been off and and they even their backup generators were given him a challenge. So to hear that they've got power that some progress, But here's the confounding thing, you know, just down the street or good buddies Mention Rudy's country store in barbecue, right? It looked like they were open yesterday. So that's not that far sure, in the Renaissance, and then we just see a text here a moment ago on our texting platform. We have power at hard Rock Canyon at Jolly Ville and Great Hills. Now that's right by that if I found her rent, I think that's right by that. P F. Chang's right. That's your plans, right complex, right. So look how close that is. Yeah, So where And then where Sha're saying, but we still don't have anything so Maybe that plays into the challenge right from Austin Energy. They look at their grids and I go. Okay. We got hard rock. We got Renaissance. We're good to go in the Arboretum area, and then Char's going. Not in my apartment complex. You're not. Yeah, So that's frustrating. That's just anyway. I'm just curious and and maybe there's a legitimate reason for this, but Why wasn't the field hospital at the convention center converted into some sort of shelter for people to get out of the elements? We've had heard nothing about that It was heaven. Maybe there was a reason, but it just seems like that could have been could have been used for Simon. I wonder if it's because they were set up for the covert, you know, situation because they might have had a little of, you know, covert patients there and they were concerned about, you know, just Turning it around and bringing in a whole another element to that. I don't know that anything to do with it. But you're raising a good question, though. Have you seen pictures or video of that of that field hospital? That convention center? I'm not Well, that's interesting, isn't it? Not a thing. I'll say it. I don't think it exists. All those all those beds that we wait. We saw some photo shots of that at some point, right when they first had it set up. Did well, I don't know. Was that the one they set up in New York? Maybe maybe they photos show. No, I'm just trying to figure it out. You know? I mean, you know, you mean well. One time we were told there are 1500 beds there. Statesman reports just a couple of minutes ago, Austin Energy, says 96% of customers have power. That's good. That's good news right there. That number's gonna going up. Little bit is getting closer. It's absolutely and you know those those, you know that you were hearing stories of some of these linemen getting harassed on the job. I mean, Austin Energy actually sent out a tweet like that. Whatever heard the mayor talked about it a day ago, I thought really is that maybe it was just one incident. It's kind of getting blown out of proportion. But Even Austin energy on their own Twitter feed Sonata bulletin saying, Hey, we're just trying to help you. Please don't harass. You know the lineman trying to restore the power? Let's hope that was an isolated incident and there's there's no place for any of that. At this point, I think of those guys. The unsung heroes right have been up in the buckets and industries. That at midnight when it's so you know, eight degrees outside. Oh, goodness. And then those those 18 wheelers driving up food and gas all across this state. Uh, yeah, That's a lot of people trying to help here. Well, listen, uh, Austin Energy late last night about midnight. Actually, they did send out a tweet that says, we are aware of some outages not reflected on the outage map. I don't see your outage. It may be a case where an outage is part of a larger outage. And when the one part of that larger outage gets cleared, some of the customers may still be without power as they continue to work work down the line, they say..

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