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So Alexander apparently jumps up and throws a drink in analysts face so outraged by this slight. This is the soap opera wedding. Yeah Scandal Hey. And in that moment instead of defending his son the King Philip rises drunkenly from his seat and points. His sword awarded Alexander in front of everyone. This feels very game frenzy as well except instead of killing everybody. The Olympia and Alex decide you know what fine. If we're not wanted here will leave. And she and Alexander self exile back to her hometown. Really this is a very bold and unexpected move. Yeah she isn't one to let anyone threaten her power or her sons power into publicly. Call it into question. This is what I mean about. She is outside of the box walks. She is thinking lots of steps ahead on the chessboard. I think she really understands the power of a power move who've That she is raising herself and her son above this uncouth behaviour half and she is going back to where she's appreciated. She aided eventually Phillips. The error of his ways realizes he's chased his very capable grown son away and he invites them both back to court. The gamble has paid off and she is back on top then. Everything blows up again. Dan When Philip is very publicly stabbed by a guy named Pausania one of his jilted lovers everything erupts into chaos consistently. Macedonia is without a almost immediately. The whispers start circling that it may have been Pausania who wielded the knife but of course it was Olympia. Who pushed him to do it again? We have no idea whether she was involved or not. I suspect not. Her son was back in Phillips Good graces. He was the clear next in line for the throne that she had a lot of reason to kill Philip other than Philip. Philip was kind of worst regardless. Her son is now in charge and as his mother. Olympias is in a position to wield a a lot of power prefers she and her son to cement their position in this court of as plutarch puts it great jealousies terrible hatred and endanger everywhere. So they start taking out anyone they see as a potential threat and this is when Olympia STAS one of the most brutal controversial show things I suppose that she ever does. She has Phillips Latest Wife that Macedonian Cleopatra and her infant baby killed there are a couple of versions of how she does it. Maybe she burns them both. Sit F. O.. Maybe she. She kills the baby in front of Cleopatra and that forces her to kill herself no possibly she sends her for a variety of suicide options. Another says Olympia Sends Cleopatra Three things a rope a dagger and a vial of poison and and lets her choose the way. She wants to go out somehow. She disposes of these two. Maybe they died of natural causes and it's all a- plutarch smear campaign it could be totally could be but also this viciousness par for the course for this court Everyone is doing this kind of thing and definitely Alexander has done infinitely worse things than this but the way that this entire interaction is framed by plutarch by all of the male writers later. They want us to believe that this killing is revenge because this woman dared to marry King Philip Nonsense this is a strategic power. Move to protect her son and his kingdom. Yeah I mean it is. Of course it's bloody it's cutthroat it's the ancient world right but it's not personal it's business but of course when a woman does it has to be personal it has mostly driven is Feminine Raid Jealousy was slighted and of course women could never strategize. They just react yeah. This is a woman who possibly arranged an entire maybe. These snakes are God's scenario to shoo her husband away but we're expected to believe that she murdered a baby because she was mad at this woman. Just it doesn't panel to me. This isn't the way that this strategic warrior woman women works. This is protecting her son. This is consolidating power. Doesn't make it great. You know I'm not a fan of these actions. So she does that. They nullify all the threats and then by three thirty four Alexander's replaces King of Macedonia. Pretty well assured and that's theo that he prepares to write off on his big decade-long adventure turning himself into the guy that we now call Alexander the Great. She watches him right away. Not Knowing this the last time they're ever going to see each other her. I think about this moment and again. This isn't a moment that really gets talked about a written about. But you just imagine that moment kerr standing there watching her son on. She's poured everything into so much. Love fierce protection everything. She knows everything she's learned has been put into do this. Boy Who is now a man and she's never going to see him again. So Alexander Rides off. Does many things back back home. She's not the region she's not running things but she's pretty close. She's taking the plunder he sending back in and making offerings for him. It places like Delphi and Athens. She's writing diplomatic letters to members of state into other regions. She's making sure that no thrown pretenders are going to take advantage manage of Alexander's absence. She's giving gifts to foreign leaders so she's not acting as regent but she is maintaining the status quo and she's really leaving leaving the chair open for when her son comes.

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