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Are moving on interim number two in today's chronicles of federal budgeting is hard infrastructure the trump administration's longawaited plan to fix overhaul or otherwise repair everything from waterways to highways to commercial space infrastructure it came out today about which couple of things first of all despite what you might be seeing and hearing it is not a trillion and a half dollar government plan it's two hundred billion in federal seed money that the white house is offering hoping others will pony up which gets us to point over to where is the rest of that money gonna come from marketplace's serie manish wars on that one on the face of it the president's plan has a math problem how to turn two hundred billion dollars into 15 torelli in dollars it flipped the current kind of funding paradigm on its head michael sargent is a policy analyst for transportation and infrastructure at the rightleaning heritage foundation normally he says the federal government would cover half to eighty percent of large infrastructure projects is this program would cover a maximum of twenty percent it favours projects that can find other sources of revenue and it basically says two states you figure it out for fame kinda magical thinking that would have the president say we'll build a wall in another country will pay for it rose beth moss kanter is a professor at harvard business school and advised hillary clinton on infrastructure she says state's can't afford it so they are likely to look at the two places that they've already been looking told and again after scott greenberg is executive editor of pews state line twenty six states have raised their gas taxes in the past four years many states are now creating new toll road asking states to raise more money is an ironic twist says brookings aaron klein he says the recently passed tax bill eliminates the state and local tax deduction which makes any new taxes particularly unpalatable it also raises the cost of municipal bonds at the same time new industry.

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