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It wasn't just about him struggling as a hair coat every new head coaching. NFL. They're also seven. So those are some people that were in the game last year also and not to defend John group. But what I want to say is the organization made the decision, okay. Who are we going to invest it? We're going to invest in the head coach to be the face of the franchise. We leave Oakland, go to Las Vegas. We're going to cripple our roster literally, take Khalil Mack off of it. We saw he did with the bears and not pay attention to what that does to the players here line of room who know he's been, here's what I don't like about what you're seeing. You put Jon Gruden lump lamented with other seven coach hundred million dollars how we here John rooted in a bowl with everybody this Jon Gruden and everybody because everybody thinking hundred. If you the raiders you're trying to tell me you couldn't get Jon Gruden for seventy five million. If you're trying to talk with, you understand head to say here. Hey, what I would have been nice but you wouldn't get paid like the raiders the point that I'm trying to make to you that you could have got a seventy seventy five million dollars had another twenty five for Khalil Mack. What did you say? But didn't do it for what it's worth. There is no salary cap involving pay the coach. So that makes my point. So for public consumption is like you're choosing the brains without the salary cap, but you're going to allow the Braun theory to leave as a competitive football better actually help your Ross. That's the original and I respect that now agree with you lit to release speaking. The players play. It's a players league. Jon Gruden was not a good. He was an exceptional analyst for us. Yeah. Jon Gruden never hesitated to tell you is in coal is important as coaching is it's a player's game. Do you become a coach and don't pay the player this something wrong with that picture. But if something wrong with that picture, I'm telling you was wrong with the pitcher. They paid their quarterback fifteen percent of their salary paid that money. Derek Carr. Just like the lions pay the to Matthew Stafford. He's not an elite quarterback, which means you give him that brand aesthetic giving it to Khalil Mack. He leaned all right. We have to call this for the moment. I take every single morning follows us. It's nineteen minutes away here on ESPN. You look good. The greeting. Could last night in the rose Sam darnold on I now, you know that we were excited about the start of that era. Despite the shaky start, we'll get Herbie's thoughts on the rookie be wearing blue to mount hails. Ass. Every welcome you back to get up near presented by Genesis and we are back with the one and only Todd mcshay. And if you're like me, you spend a lot of your Saturdays watching college football, thinking about what those guys are gonna do on Sundays. So let's talk a little bit about how some of the prospects are doing so far. Let's start with the quarterback. Joe stood stood a really impressed me the first week against Washington, one of the better defenses in the country. He came out just looked so much more in control of the offense. He's changing protections. He knows what he wants to do some year ago against Clemson who sacked, I think eleven or twelve times in that game, and it just didn't look like himself this year with a full year of experience. You really is in control of that offense. And I think Auburn is one of the underrated teams because of stem, what he can provide it, that quarterback position and then those get to Ed Oliver, that's we've all been hearing for a long time sort of following in that line of great defensive lineman that we've seen just how good is the kid..

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