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Clermont county is becoming a second amendment sanctuary and basically that means that they say look we were if you pass more restrictive gun laws we're not gonna buy buy them the board of commissioners passed a resolution in Clermont county yesterday making them a second amendment sanctuary county and I I picture Clermont county is semi rural little bit more blue collar my kind of people a and I know that they're very proudly very second amendment as is the entire state and so I I I'm going well in Ohio what we protect the people from here from what from gun laws for more guns from less guns in it and it also to in a deep red state house a Republican controlled state house which has no chance whatsoever flip in blue who's demanding we take guns away from all biting citizens were worse is coming for let alone in Clermont county it is a solution in search of a problem I think Joe weakness on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline and he's at the Buckeye farms association or Joe is on this one is a second moment guy but Joe I read through this try to read through this resolution I got to about the third or fourth paragraph I had no idea what the hell I was it's like it was written by a bunch of lawyers who were smoking weed what the hell's going on with this well we've seen in Kentucky and it's a kind of flowing over from the turmoil that's going on in Virginia where they are starting to have some very egregious restrictions on gun ownership the gun used in Virginia other states now are basically making a declaration on you know how or what what restrictions are acceptable to you know the general citizens of the state of Ohio when it comes to our our right to keep your family safe and no clear my county in there several other ones stepping up saying listen the safety and the security of our family and our citizens have to come first well I get that thing and I don't think that anyone especially in Clermont county would go around collecting guns in and propose and it's never Jenny the politics are a bit different things obvious are rapidly changing and it's been changing for some time now because you have the elective class of Washu the C. living in a place like prince George's county another where and that's influencing now the politics the entire state that's a dynamic in Virginia it's been gone for a while but we don't have that problem here in Ohio if you look at the legislature it's it's Republican dominated outside of maybe represented from Cuyahoga Franklin in counties like that urban counties but by and large it's a it's it's a red deep red state and at the legislative level to state so worth the danger of any what's happening in Virginia happening here is that just as simply a bunch of people are trying to get elected or reelected as commissioners in Clermont county you know sometimes you see the these type of Avensis statements put out just for that reason but truthfully this time I think people are are just voicing your opinion in the most public way that they have been and you're right our state house in our legislature is is very pro gun they are a very conservative legislature but we only have to look back until the you know late nineteen nineties in the early two thousands when unfortunately at that time it was the Republican controlled legislature that kept is defeating the concealed Kerry legislations until we finally got it passed up in two thousand four and you know I think having your statements out there letting people know that you know crime victims I've got to be our top priority we've got to make sure that each individual law abiding citizen who has the ability and gets to make that choice themselves and what the error on a whole probably these resolutions really carry no weight but you know in principle if they're enacted at the the law enforcement in the county choose not to go out and arrest on these on any future calls or if the prosecutor decides to know bill on the crimes that run afoul of any future laws relating to the ownership of firearms all the resolutions are working even if the law is not enforced well I here's what I think of this it's it's the two years ago almost two years ago there's a resolution city council where the city clowncil people largely asked the in a large of the gang five asked the state and state lawmakers the band to band semi automatic weapons remember the saying that you know that the it's a clear and present danger to the band it's a resolution when expected to do anything since in a city clowncil dresses up in in like manna guys like a Jeff pastor and Chris Smither men Amy Murray and there are many others said this is ridiculous that the legal it's unconstitutional he passed try to get similar legislation that that knocked us down but again it's a resolution by city council that went to the state and did absolutely nothing and I remember at the time two years ago that those on the right we're making fun of those on the left saying you're a bunch of snow flakes that you're like Berkeley you're passing meaningless resolutions like they do in San Francisco and New York state everything else are going to do anything what do you do your job has some serious legislation help the people here are two years later and I Republicans are doing the same thing they're pointing the finger at Democrats doing it at the same thank but when you're when you're right like out the foundation you you're exactly right because especially here in Ohio we already have a statewide preemption on localities or any political subdivisions below the state restricting or making their own fire on the wall either way and and and that is for the protection of the people so that you know you you can't run afoul of the firearms law that you don't know about by crossing from you know sharing bill into even Dale or something such as that and so these are kind of the same the state law will over ride on but again I think that the people are are generating these type of discussions you're giving like minded people together saying you know exactly what what are we able to to put up with and as a restriction on on what is a a right to the constitution in Ohio and at the federal level is very clear that the government has no ability to restrict our right to self defense in our right to own firearms it is a question I don't think anybody's put anything up on me that this kind of came out of nowhere I get that other states are moving towards in other counties I had representative on from Clermont county Clermont county commission I talk about second minute sanctuary there I I'm not quite sure the inner workings of the politics there and what the movement might be in Frankfort another counties but I would say that by and large Kentucky is is kinda like Clermont county that way they probably don't have a lot to fear but here in Ohio knowing exactly how the legislature's made up there's no fear whatsoever so no one's putting up any suggestions now it is a matter of fact let's go back to the red flag law which you know I'm interested in hearing more about but Mike DeWine said well me to put this forward and of course we'll wind up happening was is nothing happened with right so so even the latest attempt to try and I don't know bring more legislation more laws to to gun owners to gun ownership in Ohio was was shot down no pun intended so even the latest I guess threat to the second man even if you want to call it that turned out to be a whole bunch of nothing and that's exactly right we're good that we've got a legislature that understands these issues very well and worked a lot with the constituents to understand you know what what laws would have a negative impact on crime victims in what once would have a positive impact on the the crime rates but you got a look at what other cities have done with the sanctuary cities for illegal immigration and even though those walls and resolutions on their face I mean absolutely nothing if the city the city officials are not putting find out if they are not turning the information over to the federal government even though on paper they mean nothing in action they are working exactly like the one on the work right well we have a means to so you don't need to draft a meaningless toothless stupid a resolution to say that we're going to enforce laws account we're going to force the constitution when lawmakers start to suggest these kind of things and start to get traction you vote you got vote against that are you vote form if you believe in that kind of stuff and that's our form of democracy are represented Republic works that there's no threat whatsoever just it's galling to me that the same people who who point the finger to a snow flake snowflake snowflake when when those on the left pass resolutions when people on the right to it that makes it hypocritical in just as bad I got a call like I see it Joe wheat ninety cute hearing centers dot com hotline Joe's of the Buckeye farms association in response to a Clermont county become the second sent a second second amendment sanctuary county in Ohio I I don't recall with the other one is I think maybe middle the state but Kenton county northern Kentucky just did this too is always an account is on the county high doesn't I believe I heard you make this county has already has already issued a similar resolution but I can't be certain not no Butler County there were some groups are in Butler County also so but they're they're people talking about this all over and when you're right our legislatures not moving in that direction but by voicing the the line in the sand and our what we're going to hold our our elected officials to ahead of time in in probably can help head off giving some bad legislation introduced which then just takes work intakes interaction and it takes a lot of time to to a three four two correct if you can never have introduced to start with because they know that the citizens of Ohio are not going to stand for I think that's a win forever I would say this you know we just had the people of a meal yeah role volts against a government there and now you're the Claremont commissioners passing a meaningless resolution about protecting the second amendment even though it's not under attack in Clermont county or anywhere else in the state of Ohio at the present time that mean it won't happen tomorrow but right right now I look at this to go that they have bigger problems here if you have a meal you saying we don't want to we want to be we're we're out we're done we're we're going to be absorbed by other municipalities I I think they got bigger problems locally in Clermont county than worrying about some issue like this alright the way it works we want people to get more politically involved to distraction or politically involved we say my goodness what are we involved with this for but you know that's part of our democracy and having this discussion and having the debate and people voicing their opinions it is how we run a new face society and we have a safe and yelled productive Ohio I guess it is far as the state of things go here the second ma'am and I mean Joe Joe here the bokeh firms association if you're the Illinois farm to so if you have a lot harder worked a lot larger but in a high it's relatively easy and well nothing is ever easy because again emotions still play into this even legislature you know we had tragic event happen here in Dayton in the past year and you know that makes everybody look at it and you know start evaluating it again but having legislatures that'll sit down listen and try to understand here the point of view of the people who are worried about their safety and want to keep their family safe and want to have the ability to choose the type of firearms they want but not only personal protection but for.

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