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To reflect on what you just said it is a mistake for germany to have that pipeline why is that because it increases germany's energy dependence on russia and there are other alternatives for germany including us ellen g including increase in the mix of renewable energy that's what we should be working on with germany and it's a particular mistake because german gas from russia currently comes through ukraine and helps to support the economy if ukraine so if you build a pipeline that goes that bypasses ukraine you lose that ability to stabilize a country that germany and the us put a huge investment in including to support their democratic direction and their ability to live separately from russia all you i mean do agree with the way president trump characterize it the germany is captive controlled by russia because of this deal absolutely not as you said at the beginning less than a third of germany's energy mix comes from from russia and it could go lower if we work together on these things but more importantly it has been chancellor merckel since the invasion of crimea in two thousand fourteen who has rallied the european union and all of the nato countries in europe to stand up to president putin to implement difficult sanctions to take economic hits as a result of the sanctions and to insist that he get out of eastern ukraine before we can have normal relations together so she's been strong advocate and ally of the united states in standing up to the real bully on the block vladimir putin and we should not be alienating her whoa you've just talked about putin as being the ruling real bully on the block you've said that he's drooling over all of this discord and in fact one of your successes the current us ambassador to nato a republican senator in her former live kay bailey hutchinson agreed an admitted to me that this discord the trump is sewing amongst the alliance is music to putin's is so what do you think about the next step of this journey will president trump go into his meeting in helsinki with president putin stronger or weaker after all of this that we're seeing now i mean that all depends on how president trump plays it with president putin if he continues to say he's an okay guy he's the easiest meeting i'm gonna have if he talks about giving away sanctions the sanctions regime or crimea or for for for nothing and if he doesn't bring up the interference democratic systems us elections including including in two thousand sixteen and potentially in two thousand eighteen then putin is going to have a fantastic day if on the other hand he said i hope you saw what i said at nato i want nato to be stronger because i'm worried about what you're up to and we're going to stand together that'll be a different thing but that has not been president trump's pattern visavis russia he seems to to forgive our adversaries everything and to enjoy beating up our friends so on the big picture which is the strengthening and keeping this western the that is underpinned peace and security and prosperity for the last seventy years donald tusk who has you know is the president of.

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