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I'm at our guest today in China in Hong show to be specific will both speakers at jock MAs I women's conference and that it is absolutely amazing to hear her inspiring story of being one of the few women I ever met who are able to jog out to incredibly successful careers and to have the Dassanayake to launch an entirely new career after one successful career, Jessica Alba. It's so wonderful to have you on our podcast and to learn from you on this journey as a mother as an enterprise as an actor as a wife. As if friend, all these multiple rounds that women are learning to inhabit all. At the same time. Right. So let me start by saying, what was it that made you decide to launch the honest company? Gosh, it was just something that I had to do. I was pregnant with my first child about eleven years ago, and I had an allergic reaction to a product that my mother recommended that use that was, you know, really marketed for babies. And I quickly in that moment might childhood came back to me and I remembered as a child how sick I was. So people don't know that about me because they only know me after I become successful as an actress. But as a kid, I spent a lot of time in hospitals with chronic illnesses as my allergies was the most consistent one that landed me in the house. But I had many surgeries in complications with appendix and I had cysts and I had kidney problems. So I had just lots of issues, and I had this baby in my belly and I was like, oh my gosh, my child could get sick or be sick. How am I going to, you know, really make sure that she doesn't as best as I can..

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