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Micheal stipend play. I wanted to mention it like thirty seconds ago and you wanted to hold it till now. I thought that you were. I thought you were talking about the other thing. Oh, no, no, I was just gonna say he. Oh, okay. I thought you were talking about the other thing that he did during the show. We'll talk about that in this. Okay. So Michael lead singer of RAM? Yeah. Is there watching the show or we assume he must be because he dedicates Lucas? Yeah, a song to him. Than anything. He dedicates its Michael Stipe. So we're like, oh, he must be at the show, right. I wonder if he'll be at the after part and we had just talked about REM for like ten minutes with these guys. I don't know if they knew that Michael Sipe end was gonna come to the show that I don't know. But we were like, I wonder if this dude is going to be at the party. And so can we talk to him and try to get him on the show? Right? So we go to the party and we're talking to Steve Laura's co worker for a while, and I'm like, is Phoebe here because I knew because we will had watched the whole show with Phoebe, and I'm looking around for Phoebe. So I turn the corner looking for Phoebe. I'm going towards sort of the back of the party and there is Michael Stipe himself sitting there at a table with Patti Smith. Yeah, and they're just chatting on our way. And we that you're saying like when they're doing by they're sort of in the back, we had to make a full circle of the party like from the entrance. Since all the way around the, the big sort of circle there there in the back. They're just outta table chilling, but there's a ton of people around. So we're like, yeah, Michael Stipe is here. So I see Phoebe, and I'm like, okay, Phoebe, the very back over past Michael Stipe I gotta go get at them. Yeah. So I go get you and we go back over by Phoebe, and we're talking Phoebe. And I notice just behind Phoebe at at, like basically in a booth at this place is a group of people, and I'm just we're chatting with Phoebe. And I, I look over and I notice there's been no boasts. Just sitting at the table, just chatting with these people, and I'm like, oh, okay. Here is all right. And so then bonobos stands up and seizes talking about and he knows Phoebe, you know, from stuff. And and so I guess he's putting together that we know Phoebe. Yup. And he comes over and just. In the very first thing is this is what I thought you were going to bring up is he says to us, did you hear it? Yeah, he goes, I I called you guys out during love is bigger than anything in its way. I gave you guys a shout out during that, and we're like, what. I still don't know whether me neither. It's real me neither because Loris later she's like, well, hopefully someone in the audience took a video of it or something. I I, oh, I d I was paying attention, but yeah, but there was that guy shouting behind us the entire the entire show. Apparently he was. He said, Scott and Scott, I don't know, but it was amazing. Like, did you hear what you can? We were like, we didn't hear so crazy. Cool..

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