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Of are you going sit bar while jurisdiction is declare themselves a send shoring jurisdiction the century campus a century city essential restraint murray said it that's not going to happen and they do have if there are a lot of money in the thinking will hold this century campus thank you think about the behavior our good berkeley i mean if things people are gonna say we're going to allow righty inning here for ride sank short for those people righted answer mala twelve cocktails and prevented free speech person when prevented are you know model for mesh forgiving a speech they do evacuated him put him in the ball approve best invite him out of the building and something similar happen but and why you last week well the proper missed freshen said are you wear of how many federal dollars come your way you know research grants another support you walk down that path you're not going to see any of them i think that's fine i have no problem with that whatsoever the amount of money that's going right now out of the university california system is example isn't the billions to get more billions of dollars well alright if if you're going to behave in the fashion your behaving and say oh not a single one of our students was involved this is all outside agitator as i know how would you know they're all wearing black clothing and i am ball clubs are only masks there were some one of them how would you know the voters individuals are not students you're softest or it's foolish us so not our county is then walked on their path as well there were to be sent short county also says the members of the home so are calvin bell one jen caress a word of the two would emerge also on the on the power county board so you know one record afar this only a quarter five system policies by prohibiting police and other cody employees from an forcing immigration long or collecting information about him aggression status nationally or citizenship steps they decided to strip.

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