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Is Sam Rulers Patty my day while not Sam Wrestling Happy Day. Welcome to another week of wrestling another week of not Sam wrestling happy to see you. I'm pretending I can see you. You're happy to see me or probably hear me beauregard. Lois. Let's enjoy ourselves. Okay let's go welcome to not SAM wrestling a lot of podcasters say this and I never do. I just assume you know but I do hope that wherever you get podcast you leave a rating and review on I tunes or spotify leave the rating. Leave the review. You subscribe you follow any of the stuff that any podcast you listen to if it says. That helps their podcast. Assume that if you do it for mine it'll help my podcast to and I'd like for you to do it. Okay so do all anything that you do for anybody else's podcast this positive do for mine too. It would be a big help. Welcome did not SAM wrestling Another week you know We got a Pat Buck on the show today. Good friend of the show good friend of Mine Pat Buck will be here are not same wrestling but before we get to pat there are some things that That require a bit of a discussion. I would say I want to say that You know I talked last week about Michael Cole. And the Treatment Michael Cole was getting on smackdown and the fact that none of those big meaty wrestlers would just leave Michael alone that all Michael Cole wants to do is do as job out there. And for some reason every time imagines somebody's gotTa Jump All over Michael Cole. And it's enough of it. No more can't happen anymore. I said that the coal mine should come back and I believe it now more than ever on smackdown shameless and we wasn't even there for his match matched entity it left. He came back out. Hey Michael Cole started talking about Jeff. Hardy getting shameless came out and got real real up in his grill and real real close to him and I mean I was getting real heidenreich leads from him. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa you know away and we could bring this stuff up. You know I mean. Mr McMahon was on smackdown randomly mentioning. Katie Vick so I feel like if that's coming up and triple H is a twenty five year anniversary spot. Then we can bring up the fact that I got strong. Heidenreich vibes and I don't mean Legion of Doom Heidenreich. I think you know exactly what Heidenreich I mean. Kids out there. If you don't know what I'm talking about Google Michael Heidenreich and you see what comes up because that's the that's the vibe that I got from shameless. Also on smackdown you know. We had the twenty fifth anniversary of triple h in the wwe twenty five years since we were graced with the bow. From the Greenwich Blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley and I had mentioned something on twitter a story which triple h and it was not the first time I'd met him but I think it was the first time my wife Jessica met him and the long version of that story. 'cause people you know had questions on after twitter. I just thought of it as we're talking a lot of triple h stories. I've known triple eight for a long time. See TRIPLE H he. He would do the radio show that I worked on OPIE and Anthony. Even when I was an intern. He was doing it so I mean I. I've known I've known. Triple H Mick Foley and Chris Jericho since I was an intern on that radio show. Mvp to actually. I don't think I was an intern when I met. Mvp But I wasn't far from an intern MVP. And I go back to very far but it is weird. You know when you're kind of their professional capacity. Hang out with these people that know you from your radio you know stunt boy days and it's not the best luck in the world but hey it's the reality we live. Okay what am I going to complain about it so open? Anthony had done a pilot for comedy central. That never got picked up but it was like a scavenger hunt where it was a a bunch of comedians albeit anthony where the hosts and they would send out comedians To get things done for points and the comedians would bring with them like you know little weasels. That would just do whatever they needed done. And I was one of the weasels and apparently on the show. One of the hints was or one of the points mechanisms was Get a stranger to kiss this one of your teammates and so they got a stranger to kiss me and it was a guy and then they claimed after the kiss happened that it was a homeless guy. Now look. This was many years ago and I didn't catch anything from it. So you know no harm no foul. As far as I can see plus I never got full confirmation that he was a homeless guy but the reason I bring it up is because the next day triple age was in studio and it might have been the first time I met triple H. I don't know for sure but it was definitely very early on. I remember is very excited to meet triple H and I remember I walked with him at the time. We did the first half of the show in the studio because we were on both K rock in. Xm satellite. We did the first half of the show in the K rock studio. We did the second half of this show in the Xm studio. That was a block away and every time every single morning. We'll do the first half of the show walk a block to the second half of the show. It was a really weird setup but triple h was actually staying over and doing the Xm portion of the show as well. And I remember triple H and I made the walkover together that day and I don't know how comfortable I felt about it because Opie and anthony new my wrestling random and knew how much I love triple eight and they said hey triple age. Would you hear what our Guys Sam did yesterday? And they made me tell him the whole story and then we really got into examining I mean. Look it was hilarious but not for me at the time is very embarrassing for me at the time but I think triple. H has a steel trap memory because then I saw him. It must have been months later and I was at a hard rock press conference. They used to do press conferences before like Wrestlemainia at the Heart Cafe. So is before Wrestlemainia. He was the wwe champion at the time. And I was sitting right up front with the media. You know my little press hat in my little notebook my little pencil ready to cover this thing. It was Wrestlemainia. Twenty seven probably would the Ms. Yeah it had to be Wrestlemainia twenty-seven with MS verses no because triple h was champion at the time so it might have been wrestlemainia twenty six. Maybe Y- maybe but regardless doesn't matter Triple H is up there. He gives his speech and everything he sits at the dais and we locked eyes and he kinda pointed and not to say hello and he blew me a kiss and I was like Oh. He remembers. That was months ago. I can't believe he remembers then years later years later. This is now at summer slam in Los Angeles. I had done a a an audition to be a WWe commentator. The audition fell on deaf. Ears I did not get the job at the time however I was at this like a WWe corporate charity party thing. And I and I was with my wife and I was like Oh jess. I've got to push through the crowd over there. Just to mention to triple H auditioned. Just in case you know the tape ends up on his desk or anything like that and so she was like if you want to. So the three dead. I pushed through and I talked to the man in the game and I told him what I done is like. Oh that's great. Yeah yeah well I'll see if I can get a copy of the tape and then I said he may. Have you ever met my wife? I'd love to introduce you know. her and he was like I'd love to see I mean triple issues like the nicest guy ever and so I'm like okay. She's right over here and she had stayed back so I can kind of push through. And as we're walking over triple h just leans in and whispers in my ear. He means she know about the whole you kissing homeless guys. Thank God of all the things for you to remember about me but of course my answer. I mean I was laughing because like yeah. Yeah she does. She knows about everything she did. But that's what that story was that I kinda briefly briefly mentioned on twitter Speaking of the triple h and Shawn Michaels triple h Twenty Fifth Anniversary Thing that happened on smackdown Shawn Michaels was there. And I've been thinking about this a lot. You know there's this terrific I guess it's a Docu series technically 'cause it's a ten part documentary on the ninety seven ninety eight Chicago Bulls season. It's called the last dance whether you're a basketball fan or not. You'll love this. It's just a great story and Michael Jordan's all over it. I brought up.

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