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Lori considered the cramped I'll bags of chips pretzels and candies called no doubt to her with their brightly colored packaging. She glanced at her mother. Lorene lifted a can of coffee grounds to scour. The ingredients is list perfect. She wasn't paying close attention. You save was small. Laurie had seen massive grocery stores in big cities. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and they put Santa Rosa's paltry market to shame the aisles of snack foods jammed in the roadside. nightside store. Represented everything about suburban life that she hated. They offered one more. Excuse for Laurie to get away and it would be tricky to slip out of her mother's site on the upside. She knew that road trippers frequently stopped here to use the bathroom and load up on on sweets. That should make hitching a ride easier. Laurie had run away from home a couple times before there was something freeing about getting out from mm under her mother's roof but the new independent life never stuck. She'd run out of money or start to miss her classmates and show up back home feeling humbled and homesick. Then a few months later she'd start itching to get away again and now today say she had another overwhelming. Craving to go faming nonchalance. Laurie dipped tipped into the snack aisle. Her mom was still visible. Just out of the corner of lorries. I- Laurie picked up a packaged pastry and pretended tended to scrutinize the frosted yellow cake inside. Still no sign of suspicion from laurine. Laurie slid the cake back onto onto the rack. Edged a little further down the aisle and bent down as though she were reaching for a candy bar now she was completely out of site she waited a beat and her mother didn't call for her perfect. Laurie crept down the aisle making her way for the the front door but her mad dash came to an abrupt halt when she bumped into her old family friend. Barbara skirt literally and while Barbara loudly made Chitchat. Laurie faked a cheerful demeanor and continued to edge toward the door. She was running Out of time any moment now. Her mother would round on the cashier and announced that it was time to load back into the car then Lori would be stuck returning to her unhappy home and counting the hours until her next opportunity for escape screw. This Lori was thirteen. Thirteen and teenagers were allowed to be rude expected even so she pushed past Barbara and strode out the door as she stepped into the you save parking lot. Laurie stopped across the harsh concrete. She tried to exude authority as she found a spot. Right eight at the corner and thrust out her thumb. She wasn't too picky about where she ended up. Her first step was to get away from her mom. She'd worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Things like this had a way of working themselves out as she'd found on previous runaway attempts. Laurie Laurie didn't have money but she was smart. She'd selected that day's outfit Bell bottom jeans cowboy boots and a brown leather jacket specifically to catch the attention of passing drivers and sure enough it was working as an approaching sedan slowed and pulled over. Laurie popped open the front door. She settled into the seat not knowing that she'd never returned to her old life or see her mother again up next will discuss the tragedy that followed Laurie. Lee Curses final runaway attempt. Hey friend I want to tell you about the new three dollar Littlejohn from Jimmy Johns. A skinny mini version of any original sandwich for only three bucks. It's littler than a regular sandwich. which is perfect? If you're not super hungry or if you want to try try a couple of different sandwiches or if you like bragging that your lunch only cost three dollars. Order a three dollar little John at Jimmy. John's dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP participating locations taxes and delivery fees extra now back to the story on November member Eleventh Nineteen seventy two thirteen year old. Laurie Lee curse off walked out of her mother's life forever. The frequent runaway was is last seen by a family friend. Barbara Scotto in bell bottom jeans cowboy boots and a brown leather jacket. She slipped away from a local Santa under Rosa. You save market presumably intending to Hitchhike to her father's house in Florida. This was far from the first time that at the adolescent had run away from home even her mother didn't consider lorries disappearances a big deal. She chucked up the numerous attempts at escape two ordinary youthful rebellion and didn't call the police until several hours later authorities learned that as of November Twentieth Twentieth or twenty first about a week and a half after she disappeared from the use of thirteen year. Old Laurie was staying with friends in Santa Rosa because a juvenile runaway wasn't considered a high priority. Police didn't bring her home right away. That proved to be fatal mistake. AAC Laurie Lee. Cursor was never seen alive again on December fourteenth. Nineteen seventy seventy two about a month. After she I ran away. A pair of hikers spotted her frozen body. Her death was clearly no no accident. She was naked at the bottom of a steep cliff off the side of the road. Lorries body was found near one of the known Dumping Dumping Sites for a serial killer called the Santa Rosa hitchhiker murderer. She like his other victims was found completely nude food. A young blonde preteen runaway lorry also matched the killers target profile crime scene. Investigators soon declared she. He was his most recent victim for two years from nineteen. Seventy two to nineteen seventy four. The Santa Rosa hitchhiker murderer. durer killed anywhere from seven to twenty five young women. His preferred targets were hitchhikers and runaways. Most of his victims were strangled angled to death although some were found beaten or poison as well however lorries corpse differed from from those of the serial killers past murders in a few key ways. Unlike previous victims there was no sign that Lori was sexually assaulted. In addition she likely died of injuries sustained while falling down the incline. She had severe spinal trauma and cuts and bruises consistent consistent with hitting trees and brush as she tumbled down the hill. The discrepancy suggests that Lori died while attempting to escape her killer's killer's clutches. Her head injuries were consistent with those she'd sustain if she left from a moving vehicle northern northern California was a hotbed for active serial killers at the time and police tried to link the Santa Rosa hitchhiker murders to Charles Manson on the hillside stranglers and even the Zodiac killer but they were never able to conclusively link the Hitchhiker Murderer's victims those two other known killers and they never arrested anyone for these crimes when bodies stopped turning up after nineteen seventy seventy four the case languished on solved. Thanks for listening to today's a day in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. If you enjoyed this story be sure to check out our podcast. Original unsolved murders which explores some of history's most baffling crimes. Today in true crime is a podcast. Original you can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other podcast originals for Freon spotify not only spotify already. 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