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But to game seven tomorrow to determine the last two teams in the conference finals, I up it's the nuggets and blazers in Denver, Portland one on their home floor to force the winner. Take all a game seven Nikolai Yokich knows at being at home doesn't guarantee anything that chance before I've been east wants for like nothing matters but game seven, and then, you know, take an step to the next level. All right. My bad that was cloud. Kyle Lowry talking about game seven, and that's that's up the raptor taken on the Sixers in Toronto. And they're winner. Take all match up collider trying to keep it simple. Every play games. You know, you come in for with some anticipation. Just ready to play. So. Golden pudding. The both of you. Scope play basketball the warriors they'll get some rest time after that victory over the rockets last night led by Steph Curry's, thirty three second half points. Kevin Durant remaining out until at least deep into the next series about the warriors might be getting Senator Marcus cousins back soon. Cousins reportedly could be ready to go at some point during the conference finals as he recovers from a torn quad former magic and Pacers coach Frank Vogel reportedly made a strong impression and initial meetings with the Lakers talked expected to continue concerning the Lakers coaching vacancy Stanley Cup playoffs. Western Conference finals getting underway at eight eastern five Pacific tonight, San Jose Sharks hosting the St Louis blues in game. One baseball news rays pitcher Tyler glass now the major league leader in wins and ERA placed on the ten day injure list. He left the start against the Yankees last night with right forearm titan as he could miss four to six weeks. Final scores. The Red Sox scored eight times in the third at end coasting to a nine five win over the Mariners games in progress. Bottom of the ninth game one of a double header the Tigers lead the twins five three. Finally underway. After a lengthy rain delay and say Louis Cardinals and pirates scoreless in the first we have to the eleventh inning. Now. Brewers and cubs tied at one at Wrigley. Milwaukee going for their eighth consecutive win. Top eight the White Sox a four one lead on the Blue Jays. Bottom. Four angels. Three Orioles to Albert pools. A pair of home runs already or the halos. The as lead the Indians one nothing top five on Darwin's.

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