Fox River Grove Illinois, President Trump, Noor Rahm discussed on Morning Edition


Put it back up in your it is since says the bigger jump helps his skiers get better fast during competition distance along with style is a key factor for the judges at nordic skiers learn to jump bradulet they start on small jumps and work their way up to the big one the us has it meddled in skijumping since the first winter olympics in nineteen 24 and looking ahead to the competition in south korea smith inc lies there say while winning would be nice that's not their only goal i had a dream to be over to coach somebody that can make it to the olympics and the three guys that are gone i coach them all through their younger days and here they are you know would never had an olympian a now all of a sudden we have three three decades after he almost me the olympic team smith says he plans to be in the stance in pyongyang chung cheering on his skiers who trained at this unconventional facility in fox river grove illinois from pierre news i'm quinn myers this is npr news next them on the world a former olympian figure skater kristi yamaguchi on going for the gold in 1992 and what that victory would come to me to other asian americans that's learning said flicking back in my own family history as just one generation away from my family who lost everything had to prove their loyalty right to this country kristi yamaguchi on the world you can hear the world this afternoon at two pm and it's followed by the pbs newshour i'm duty what her up on the next newshour we launch a new series american creators that uncovers art being created in towns and communities across the country that's friday on the pbs newshour billy to who forecast sunny in the morning than partly cloudy temperatures today in the fifties to the '60s around the lake it does look like though there should be some snow coming in later on this week across your fingers for that it's 542 from npr news in washington i'm noor rahm president trump has signed into law a bill to keep the government in business through march 23rd to end the second government shutdown in three weeks immigration was an issue last time just before the house vote early this morning speaker paul ryan assured lawmakers there will be a vote to protect the young immigrants brought to the us illegally as children by mick commitment to working together on an immigration measure that.

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