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Crazy wig i'm interested for that movie let's go for it yeah so i liked her character the most as much as w should had the cool calm demeanor which i love him and shows like suits and white collar and i just i love that charismatic candidates yeah do you watch the library in judgment and that he's still hasn't worked to atlanta so this is why that is fair to be judged fair i think you that i'm behind on suits so their whole oh but i liked one in sandra bullock's lines where she gets out of prison she calls her old partner cate blanchett and she was like kate kate was like where are you going to go she's like forty five dollars i can go anywhere right and then you see how she goes to the hotel she starts getting this room she starts getting makeup i loved that aspect of this show that was great i love that whole sequence someone's going to try that and go to jail yes percents yeah they did a great job establishing the resourcefulness in the capability like her as a character you know like okay cool i can see you're pulling this off and even that calm conversation she has with the ceo actually leaving about how end of the deal i was like oh and is that she's having a conversation the one that one of the lines that i liked in the film with talked behind the man she was like like we need to be unseen in like people don't see women so that was it was very own the news but it's but i've always thought it was so true yeah but we need more female assassin films because people will dismiss women at the drop of a hat so you could easily slip in and out of a place and people will be like oh she's just a cute girl and that's does no way she could have done this which we have talked a little bit about this because i talked about it after the screening with one of our fellow critic sarah what is fascinating is when they were doing ghostbusters and remaking out with an all female cast the uproar the fervor from all the geeks are like how dare you blah blah and they were just so.

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