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They can to keep up ABC's Kenneth Moton says hand sanitizer maybe scare still summer key ingredients come from China George kids fighting cancer look forward to summer camp all year but the pandemic forces camp sunshine to call off its June session every summer when kids leave they cry because they don't want to go home because I love him so much and that's personal from WSB traffic reporter Alex Williams who would know I had to keep me as a kid when I was twelve this would have been my eleven summer as a volunteer counselor because the health crisis camp sunshine now canceling the two weeks in June for a hundreds of junior and teen campers instead they'll try to put together sunshine two point no a virtual camp but we want to do whatever we can to us still given that week of summer at the trade it's ninety five point five W. S. Atlanta reality star actually Ross dies at Grady after a car accident Sunday night her publicist describes it as a hit and run on old national highway Ross appeared as miss many on the lifetime series little women Atlanta she was thirty four grieving castmates post condolences online WSU's time seven nineteen WSB meteorologist this dependable five day forecast sponsored by Breda pest management they handle bugs and critters well despite does some more clouds today compared to yesterday still nice spring weather today close to five degrees above normal then a cold front brings a small chance of a late morning shower tomorrow with a heavy shower thunderstorms likely late afternoon and evening a couple thunderstorms with damaging winds possible then much cooler Thursday with a just a stray light shower possible mainly in the morning and mainly north then drive for the weekend with highs in the eighties for today there are nine of the mileage meter a mix of clouds and sunshine warmer than normal this afternoon highs seventy nine low fifty eight tomorrow scattered showers and thunderstorms eighty percent likely late afternoon and evening a severe thunderstorm possible highs seventy to seventy four low fifty one Thursday a mix of sun and clouds breezy and cool high sixty five low forty seven my exclusive five day forecast Friday and Saturday mostly sunny highs Friday seventy Saturday eighty lows forty eight to fifty eight recapping the forecast for today a mix of clouds and sunshine warmer than normal hi about seventy nine right now fifty I'm meteorologist Kirk knowledge ninety five point five W. S. B. C. let's get back to the morning drive now what's going on okay be aware there are delays on I. twenty P. forty eight thirty five get a lead play construction I. twenty westbound before Wesley chapel road sixty eight but probably by three feet away is a better bet this report brought you by Philly roofing the reproof guys with the green truck start date we will always follow the golden rule treat your white group group dot com thirty five point five W. S. B. U. coming up from the bottom of the hour G. blacks at the NBA's latest reversal on whether or not to get together and start their shooting some hoops fire some advice this morning from a corona virus survivor you know the whole world is going to it it's not just you and you really need to take a certain action I'm W. espys mark a line there were those WSB deuce time is seven twenty one it's time to get out there and make one to one contact yep that's what we said make contact with the right potential employees if you're a hiring manager or run your own business this is the time to reimagine your work force it's time to build a talent pipeline you've never had time to focus on building CareerBuilder can help you match your business needs with over one hundred and forty job seeker profiles these are pro active job seekers who have the time to research and care about your company and its culture and when you're ready to hit reboot career builder will help you staff up more quickly with a ninety eight percent match rate meaning CareerBuilder matches your open roles with vetted qualified candidates right to your inbox visit hiring dot CareerBuilder dot com to view our products posted job get insider advice and let.

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