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Morning, I'm Michelle Bash and I'm John Aaron. The top local story we're following this hour. It's been more than a week since It's Christopher Haynes escaped police custody at George Washington Hospital, and the long search is leaving the family of the man Haynes is accused of killing frustrated and worried. Why can't we catch him? Sheila Jackson mother is the of Brent Hayward. The 33 year old man Christopher Haynes is accused of killing. The family just wants to know if If there's as much manpower being put into finding this man as it was in the man from Pennsylvania. Jackson says she also wants to know who is accountable. First of all, for those officers who let this man loose. DC police tell the search is a top priority and resources are being dedicated to following tips. An internal affairs investigation is looking into the circumstances surrounding Haynes escape. Jackson says with him still out there. I hope nobody else gets hurt. I just pray nobody gets hurt. Mike Marillo, WTOP News tomorrow will mark 10 years since the Navy Yard shooting in DC. On September 16, 2013, a his gunman death. That shooting became the deadliest mass shooting in DC history. The second deadliest shooting on a US military base. Here's the sound from dispatchers on the day it happened. We gotta report on the 4th floor of mail with a shotgun. Multiple shots fired, multiple people down. Today the Naval Sea Systems Command will honor the fallen victims and host a 5k run and one mile walk. The race will begin at 9 30 this morning in front of the National Navy Museum and finish at Dahlgren Park. We mark the anniversary of the 9 -11 terror attacks this week and you can now see a big symbol of the heroic response here. The first rescue vehicle to arrive at the Pentagon that day has been restored and is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar -Hazy Center in Chantilly. The airport fire truck had been based at Reagan National before responding on 9 -11. It sprayed a badly needed firefighting foam on the Pentagon as the building's own rescue vehicle was heavily damaged in the attack. The so -called crash truck was nearly scrapped before being located and restored. The next story is like a scene right out of a Hollywood movie. A lightning bolt hit a motorcyclist on I -66 last weekend as he rode down that highway. flew him off the bike he flew through the air and started like spinning in the air Lauren Fowler and her family still can't believe that her brother Noah was struck by lightning and thrown from his motorcycle. Honestly, I don't think any of us are really thinking straight. None of us can like it's it's just crazy. The bolt went through Noah's helmet. A stranger, Erica Sutherland, pulled over to help. I would just happen to be at the right place at the right time. That's all I can say. Now Sutherland and the Fowler family feel bonded by this experience. God really put there her where she needed to be, and it's like she's family now. Heather Gustafson, WTOP News. One expert recommends reviewing ingredients in popular cold medicines before you pick one. Maybe mucinex, Dayquil, Sinex. Those are among the medicines that have phenylephrine according to Andrea Hebert with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. FDA advisors ruled this week that those drugs aren't actually helping with your stuffy nose, Patients do seem to have some benefit from these medications, and maybe that's because they are having benefit from the other ingredients in the medications, not necessarily the phenylephrine. Phenylephrine is effective in its nasal spray form, and Hebert says it's probably in most of the cold medicines you can buy without having to talk to someone behind the pharmacy counter. The news good is it's not causing necessarily any harm to patients, but it doesn't seem to be providing any benefit over placebo. Scott Gellman, WTOP News. An update this morning for students and parents in part of our area who have been dealing with school bus snafus since last month. Howard County Public Schools will restore all of its bus routes next week. In a letter to families, the superintendent says contractors will cover all of the school system's more than 500 bus routes starting Monday. On the first day of school last month, thousands of students were affected when many buses were delayed or didn't show up at all. Part of the problem is that many county public schools still plan to adjust to school start times starting on Wednesday of next week to help students get to school on time. Coming up after traffic and weather in Money News, some airlines are going the extra mile to add more pilots to ranks. their Get a Precision AC tune -up for only the 8th. We go to the roads with Steve Dresner. What does he you tell Michelle when you take a caller from one of our listeners saying first thing out of his mouth he goes, it's cold out? I I'm mean

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