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3776 our phone number hit us up on Instagram and Twitter at capture Hood. Also saying was up to you on twitch watching the show on ESPN. 1000 Chicago on twitch. Thanks so much for being part of our Friday morning, Carmen. Your co will cross talk with them in an hour from now. Get their thoughts on their show on also, we are asking the question because coming into America to electric boogaloo will take place this weekend. Yes, it's starting now, Cap. I mean, I wasn't here probably was start early this morning watching coming to America, but I'll do that later on tonight. It's gonna be coming to America's, too, which is great Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy. And we're asking what would be a great sequel. If you had your druthers would be a great sequel. We got a number of great responses so far on I like your list to you say you know what? Because it's in recent memory movies has been made last 56 years. Don't have another spin. I think that it makes sense cap and here's why I don't know what the theater Industries like in this cove in 19, like I don't see myself going back to the theaters anytime soon. But because of HBO, Maxon and other platforms like Amazon Prime Senate going to the theater, just like instead of going to a ball game. I'm watching the big screen and I'll be one guy coming to America that would have made huge box office if that was at the theater. Huge honey. What if we remade draft day and we got Sonny Weaver Jr to take a monster deal from George McCaskey to remake the Bears? Yeah, I know that our football guys, We got a quarterback situation completely right? No. Have we won enough games? No. Everything else is there. Weaver. You're trying to take my team away from me, aren't you? You know, don't you like, Oh, that just like that, Just like that's unbelievable. What if what if they don't need to offer him a monster deal? What if he's trying to pick up the pieces after the absolute abomination? That draft day actually turned out to be for him? That's fine. Anything about that. Think. Clear my throat? No. Because Did you not hear this morning off? It's Danny was that 100%. He cleared his throat right on this year. I think that was the bottle I had. You're just about anything to get away from a dog. That's $3 today for Bernie's book Bank. I go. There's $3. Three. So did the owner not say at the end of that movie. We had a great day, and they got all these great players. And now here comes George and Ted in and they're gonna offer him the keys to the kingdom, and he's going to remake the Bears. Everybody says they have a great day on draft day. You show me the GM who tells you they had a bad day or the owner who tells you they had a bad day after the draft is complete. The real question is believed Go ahead like I believe that the Browns probably fired Kevin Costner two years later, because that draft was such an abomination. That's how it plays out in my mind. I've always believed that you could literally not have to send any reporters to cover the draft. You could take the quotes from the year before. Whether it's going into spring training. I'm in the best shape of my life. Well, why were you a fat ass prior of that coming in? Why are you all of a sudden out shape or we never anticipated? He be there when we were picking may come on, man. That's what they always say. That's enough of you taking shots at me. So that's what the white sites so the White Sox fans drink the most of any major league baseball fan base, according to a study. Okay, so I saw this as well and j online gambling dot com cap I think you've seen this is well online gambling site. This whole making new sponsored by the points back Sports Just a moment on Chicago's home for Sports. Yes. Pien 1000 and the ESPN Chicago AB Way turn to veteran newsman Dan Zimmerman with breaking news here. Come on, damn it! Happened. Jay Hood, gentlemen making big from the Chicago Blackhawks. Official Twitter account print. Seabrook says he is unable to play in, announces the end of his 15 year career duty injury. Brent Seabrook Brooke is retiring. We turn TOC Jeff Miller With the fancy ramifications of Brent Seabrook retiring from the NHL. You can officially release Prince Seabrook from your fantasy hockey Rester. All right, Thank you. After you have one of the keys to the Blackhawks, and they're running to the championship. There it is. Brent Seabrook stepping away. Great. So let's get back to talking about movies. That's a big deal that isn't really bread. Seabrook's jersey hang from the rafters at the United Center. I mean, Brent Seabrook. He's not a whole family, right? But bread. Seabrook is an all time Great hawk and what he meant to that franchise on those cup runs. You can't just I moved back two Sequels of Tommy Boy with a dead Chris Farley. I mean, I can't imagine how they could have room to get it up there because we're gonna have no uh Norm Van Lier Derrick Road. Rafter, Separate Rafter. The Bulls have their own rafter. No other people want to retire so many jerseys in this city that there's gonna be no room for him. So you're saying his won't hang up there with Duncan, Keith Jonathan Tevas, Patrick Kane's marrying host and coach. Q. They're not going to put those up there. How many are we gonna retire? Danny I've seen were a lucky city to have such great great athletes. I mean, Brent, Seabrook, Duncan, Keith. Jonathan Davis. Patrick Kane coached you. They're the reason we have those three cups. I don't see how you don't hunter him with that you could let someone else where his number I think One of the great defense is different than retiring his number. There. You hang the number seven up there, but somebody else could wear because you only have so many numbers three times, and it's not retired. Listen, all I'm asking is if you're gonna hang a banner in the rafters honoring Brent Seabrook for his accomplishments.

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