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Comic book jim with us. Then join in. We could add it absurd length. I'm tom davis. I'm joined by my fellow. Biblical bloodsuckers sc sheets. Yeah j. s. sheets. That's me you and your butler seaworld do some art ready squid today. We'll be talking about two thousand eight thirty days of night. Blood of christ by ben temple smith from i d w fellas. Let's get digging. Hey is anybody here. Started rereading every issue of the walking dead ever. Yeah that's never gonna happen. This wound is still raw. Tom john what are you reading right now. If you want to talk about how you still haven't started which has plans. You're more than welcome to do so strangely. I have not starting. Which is because thomas so gracious to give every trade of fables and i love it so much that i'm just need even tables at this point. How far out are you from. Finally getting to the wolf among us and you could find out what it is. That josh in that same head spaces him. The wolf among us is a separate comic. I know like. I'm saying he has to finish his trades. Then jump over to that series four in so soon not close at lease seven more in. There might be able to find where this. I don't think it anywhere doesn't say anywhere it just sits its own little kiddy pool. It was too scared of the Different than what you guys were talking about fables at the soon and what you guys read santa like magic and whatever and was due to the matter of fact like there's no debating that if you already got the fat dwarf coal thumbs down disimprovement so you're just reading fables out on absolutely all right. What you got for strache. Well actually. I've started going down memory lane. And i've busted out again and have made it to the second compendium volumes. They are bound in three volume compendiums. Now i guess so. That saves a lot of space on the shelf. Have you feel about those. I feel good about these drag bullets. When my favorite stories than the though is fun to revisit it to see how outrageous it was in what kind of it got away with back in the day. How far into it was before. Like bullet listed a prescription in nanga. All kinds of shit happens in dragon. Ball zany tom. Just wondering why. The fuck josh and get away with using zany..

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