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Twenty minutes of nonstop news starts now straight ahead. We'll be several weeks. At least before the measles. Outbreak is considered over. I'm Carleen Johnson. Hundreds of students. Meantime, have been kept home from school that story and more. Let's get a live update. Now from ABC news first, KOMO news time, eleven o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg. The house votes today on an anti hate resolution. It follows comments by freshman democrat Ilhan, Omar who said lawmakers are expected to pledge allegiance to Israel house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't think are meant to sound antisemitic to hurt it to explain. But I do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words Pelosi also recalled President Trump's words after the deadly 2017 white supremacists. Margin Charlottesville, president would people on both sides. We don't share that view. This resolution condemns white supremacy as well as anti-semitism and Islam phobia, the top US general says ISIS is down to less than one square mile of territory held in Syria, but the Centcom commander congress the fight against the terror group is far from over general Joseph votes, L outlined the military's withdrawal plan to pull US troops out of Syria as directed by President Trump, but also to keep boots on the ground to safeguard US interest in my view. This is a serious generational problem. And if not handled properly will show the seeds of future, violent extremism, vote L warned that the leaders and fighters fleeing formerly ISIS controlled areas have dispersed throughout the region and remain radicalized creating new concerns, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Capitol Hill. President Trump's former personal attorney is suing the Trump organization for breach of contract. Michael Cohen says the company agreed to reimburse them for legal fees related to the special counsels Russia probe the court filing says those costs succeed one point nine million dollars. Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort will be sentenced in Virginia today. He faces up to twenty five years for federal Bank and tax fraud. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg says the company is going to make messaging. I'm what's app Instagram and messenger, more secure the goals. He says include making sure no one not even Facebook can see your messages messages that can disappear after a certain amount of time and making sure any data that is kept is secure. You're listening to ABC.

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