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And when it's the steelers preview or when it's standard is a standard of the steelers hangover when it's day on the steelers tacky lance on the i said it. All of us are going straight. You'd live if we make a mistake like. I think it was last week of or this sunday. This deal is standard is a standard. My youngest daughter started crying in the background. This is live live. It's a lot of people aren't comfortable with that. We do we're fine. Were roll with it. We find that. I think the audio's good and we rip it all over on our podcast platform so i i don't know if all the other teams have <hes> podcast on youtube you can check out their podcast platforms for short just by searching the site name their s._p. The nation citing <hes> sabrina says what do you think about already burns. He's looking really good like i said before sabrina. This is a situation where if already burns can have a bounceback season. It is the best case scenario for the steelers. What i'm saying is that if they were to trade him his trade stock would be higher if they want to keep him he'd be very good insurance policy with really good <hes> get experience under his belt to step in for with steven nelson or joe haden. If already burns tanks. That's not good news that makes their defensive backfield depth a lot unless you're relying more on camera sudden who they want to utilize in some of their sub packages as a nickel cornerback. Keep that in the back of your mind as well. The walls are corner and he doesn't get picked on much teams. Usually through the other side he drops a lot of picks also hopefully as a change their exchange okay. Would you choose c._b._s. She seventy four. Would you choose hargrave over signing hate not right now. I kind of said that earlier. He is on on a rookie deal. I am not going to touch his contract until the end of the league year and his lance williams says hargrave will be unrestricted region. I know but not until the new league year starts in march up until then. I have the rights to him and i'm going to get a deal done now. This is your betting on hard raise betting on himself if he goes out get seven or eight sacks and that's comp coupled with a six and a half year last season two thousand eighteen the pay period this year's going to pay it so <hes> i think i still gonna still gonna as a businessman here. If i'm putting myself in omar khan and kevin colbert art rooney the second shoes not touching those rookie deals because they're cheap and i wanna save money. That's just me though kevin doba says jeff. Do you think that devin evan bush will have a rookie of the year type season well. I'm really anxious to see what he doesn't three not so much that the tennessee titans are some great litmus test but also that it's one of those things where i can see him making enough plays and the way he's so athletic and fast that he's gonna get a lot of attention. You get a lot of attention. You're gonna have your name in the hat for some of those rookie or the end of the year awards. I actually do think he has a really good chance dance to have a rookie of the year type season. There's going to be some other defensive rookies to keep an eye on as well as my wife wants me to tell you that i get absorbed when you are on. I'm glad you're watching it. I'm glad watch so <hes> lance regards to her grey says if he plays well he'll get paid. That's what i said but as an owner. I'm going to gamble on that. That's fine because remember we had all caps base from brown mr third going off the books. We're going to be smart about had it. I would give him one of those team. Friendly deals in the upfront. I'd make him happy. He has to prove to me that he's a part time player too. So this year i'd have to talk to the coaching staff and say look this hargrave gay kids. He's producing alive but at the same time he's not even playing all the time. What's did you hear what what are you trying to do. I want to see how they utilize j von hargrave this year. Okay us here when you start losing your hair. There's no magical cure but there is a way to stop hair loss from happening. In the first place. It's called keeps into treatment. That's proven up to ninety percent effective reducing and stopping further hair loss. You don't have to go to the doctor's office or stand in line at the pharmacy.

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