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Didn't think that he would fit in with the athletic department. So maybe we're seeing that Jeremy foley as perception was right. It seems like he'll win out. So he'll either go 9 in four or 8 and 5 because the next four games unless unless you can convince me that FSU is good enough to beat them and maybe they are. But what happens in the off season because recruiting doesn't seem like it's going in the right direction. And what happens next year, Mike? Well, that's why I think Dan Mullen instead of having a hissy fit and not wanting to answer questions about recruiting and canceling media availability. He should be out there right now when the reporter asked the yesterday about recruiting. He should have used that negative question, turned it into a positive talk to, hey, we're getting ready to open our new $90 million stand-alone football facility that's as nice as any in the country. If not nicer, that's going to be a game changer obviously if they win the rest of their games this year and Anthony Richardson looks good as the quarterback. That's something a positivity that fans can get excited about. So I do think there's some positives that Dan Mullen could put out there. Again, if he wasn't such a big baby right now, he should understand that he needs to be positive now, not negative. Talking to my biag I want to ask you about somebody that used to work down there and I know you had a good relationship with him and he was extremely successful. But his experience in Nebraska has been close to a disaster, and that's Scott frost. Watching it from watching him down in Orlando and now, what do you make out of his situation and what happened? I'm shocked. I'm shocked. I mean, again, we talk about Scott Ross. Scott Strickland actually wanted to hire Scott frost at Florida and obviously he didn't take didn't take that offer because he wanted to go home to Nebraska because that's where his family lived. That's where his dad and mom went in Nebraska. He went to the basket. He always his dad wanted him to come back up there and go. I really don't think Scott for us wanted to coach at Nebraska, but he had to take that job. But I thought it would be successful. I didn't know if he would turn Nebraska back into the dynasty was under his former coach Tom Osborne. But I thought he could go up in Nebraska and turn that into a Wisconsin type of program. And but he hasn't done it. And I don't know why I'm baffled. He doesn't seem. He's sort of he sort of seems to me like since he's gotten to Nebraska. I mean, he used to be when Scott frost was at UCF. He was charismatic. He was when he walked into a room. He had that it factor. Now he seems like he sort of seems like urban Meyer when you look at him on the sideline with the Jaguars now. Urban Meyer used to have this arrogance and confidence about him. Now he lifts almost lost on the sidelines in the NFL. And to me, that's sort of like Scott for us right now. He just seems like he has no answers. And Mike is someone who covered urban at Florida, of course, what does his future look like in Jacksonville? I don't think it looks good at all. I really don't, I think he's out of his element. Obviously, he's lost some of the trust in that locker room with the incident in Ohio. And he's saying things that you wonder is this guy really understand what the NFL is about? When he first took over in the preseason game started, he was like, man, you don't really get to run as many plays in the NFL as you do in college football. And I'm like, well, yeah, urban. Don't you watch the NFL? And then this last week, they had to buy week, and he said, for the first time in my life, I've gotten to sit down on a Sunday and watch NFL games and I'm thinking to myself, wait a minute. This is an NFL coach now. It's got grew up in football. He's never sat down on a Sunday during an off week of college football when he was off from college football and what? Games on an NFL Sunday, so again, he's saying and doing baffling things now. Mike, great to talk to you always appreciate your time. Be well. I'm good to talk to you. Thanks. My Bianchi on their own. A little less combustible combustive than some of the collars yesterday. We will get your reaction to all of that 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5..

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