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We. This is a final thoughts. Okay my final thought is. Because i don't know how much we got into it. But the fact that the gold glove award show was blasted out on the day that we have the presidential election. I i'm not sure how much time we spent on that. We didn't beginning of this podcast. I mean come on. You cannot tell me right here right now that were actively trying to grow the game of baseball and that were paying attention to what's going on and pull that shit. You're going to acknowledge your games. Best defensive players and best defensive efforts throughout the season and instead of giving them a stage all their own a stage all your as a sport you decide to run it simultaneously with the president with the most divisive presidential election of our time. That's when you're going to run this product out there. Who are you kidding. Who do you think you're fooling when you tell people you care about this game when you tell people you are concerned and the growth it matters. Who do you think is buying into that. Bullshit rob manfred. You had the opportunity to have it all to yourself. But but you didn't. You chose not to now is not just not paying attention. Is that the people in the room with you. Not paying attention. Because i feel like that's a fuck up that you almost have to practice. You have to work at fucking something like that like. That's not just an accident. There's calendars we know the twenty twenty one schedule. We do the. When do we know the twenty one scheduled the end of two weeks into the first season. So what what's going on here. What's going on here. And it was brought to my attention on twitter. And it's a great point. And i forgetting the individual's name who brought it up But they said they they they made the will ohman who it was at the wheel omen taking a a page out of my book. The socializing losses privatizing gains. Nobody watches the gold glove award. Show then guess what nobody gives a shit about it and if nobody cares about it and the significance starts to wane well then having that in the contractual language for compensation for players kind of goes away to so now me get paid for winning that gold glove. That's no longer a thing. Why because nobody's watching your gold glove awards show anyway. Nobody really cares about that dallas. Well yeah you want to know why they don't care 'cause you run on the same day as the election. Are you fucking kidding. You spent just swallow that and be like oh yeah super big mistake there on major league. Baseball's part nothing to see here. Nope just another effort to drive down player value and increase the profit for the owners. It's a sad sad sad sad state of affairs when the individual who is charged with governing. The sport fucking hates it. Yeah i don't give a fuck about the gold glove. I really don't. I haven't ever since they gave it to rafael palmeiro as a first baseman when he was a d. h. and then they gave the gold glove to derrick jeeter when he was statistically the worst defensive shortstop since they started a measuring defensive runs saved. And and nobody's no. Nobody's arguing with you on that. Nobody at all. But if you heard what. I just said about players getting paid compensated for winning those awards. Then you don't get to just ignore. Well that's what. I said months ago when or not months ago but weeks ago and they started talking about gold glove awards and i was like the only people that should get upset about the results of the gold glove. Awards are the players that have bonuses and their contracts that they get like twenty five k if they win the gold glove award. If you're a fan and you're mad that your favorite player to win the gold glove award when you feel like they deserved it. I mean the gold glove award has not recognize the best defensive player at each position. In fucking like two decades. Like it's not. It's not an accurate representation of the best defensive player at each position. The only people that should be upset about it into your point are the players who have bonus structures. Were they get broken off. Fifty grand twenty five grand for winning a gold glove award and now they didn't win it and it's like well fuck i. I was the best defensive player at that position. And some other fucking guy got it just because you're trying to sell more gloves it's stupid but and how about this so this. This is where the award young we already know. How big shit storm valuing defensive. Play is how difficult those metrics are to try to sift through. So you're trying to figure out a way to identify good quality defensive players and in the same breath you are taking away the importance of acknowledging that very effort that you're looking to identify. How do you do that. How do you do those two things and think that anybody can look at that and think you're trying to promote the game baseball but let me guess. Each one of these gold glove winners. They gotta do a better of promoting themselves right now. That's what should have happened right. One lasts update before we get out of here The red sox flew to puerto rico to me.

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